Juliette and Francois
1st Parent: Juliette (female)
2nd Parent: Francois (male)

Location: Luxembourg-belair, Luxembourg
Membership No: 359783

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Juliette and Francois

Juliette and Francois, from Luxembourg. Looking for help from 1 Dec, 2017

Looking for an au-pair to help take care of our 2 boys and discover Europe!
We are looking for an au-pair to share our life and help take care of our 2 boys, Gregoire (5 years old) and Hugues (3 years old)!

Main duty will be to take care of them after school, bringing them back from the school bus, organizing afternoon activities, going to the park, etc. Tuesday/Thursday you will start at 12.30pm until about 6-7.30pm; Monday/Wednesday/Friday you will start at 4.30pm until about 6-7.30pm. This will represent about 20 hours per week.

Other duties (about 10 hours per week) will also include: helping prepare them in the morning, fully taking care of the children when we are both on business trips (about 2-3 x per month, usually for 1-2 nights), doing some light housekeeping in the house (light cooking, cleaning the dishes, doing the laundry for the kids, etc.)...

We are not expecting you to work much on week-ends (except maybe when we sometimes go out on Saturday nights), and we will also offer you to come with us when we go to our mountain home in the French Alps (about once a month) for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.

We will carefully respect the Luxembourgish law, which provides for 1 full day of rest per week and 2 additional full days of rest per month (that you can add up if you want to take longer time off).

We speak French at home (we are both French), but we expect you to speak English to our children as they have been in bilingual school until now.

You will have your own bedroom and will share the bathroom with the kids (on the same floor as your bedroom - our room is one floor below). You will share our meals or can cook your own if you prefer, in any case we will cover the cost obviously. We will provide you with a car when you need it.

We are also looking forward to help you discover this little corner of Europe and learn a new language! We love taking mini day-trips on the week-end in France, Germany or Belgium, and you will always be welcome to join!

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