Alessandra and Gianpaolo
1st Parent: Alessandra (female)
2nd Parent: Gianpaolo (male)

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Membership No: 359679

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Alessandra and Gianpaolo

Alessandra and Gianpaolo, from United Arab Emirates. Looking for help from 8 Jan, 2018

I need someone caring and fun to spend time with my kids in the afternoons from when they are back from school until bed time . The aupair will have many free mornings during which she could do courses I am willing to pay for.
I offer live in solution for the Aupair but it is not mandatory:. If the Aupair prefers another solution according to her needs (maybe she prefers to live with other students or with a friend) I am open for discussion.

I would prefer someone that speaks either fluent German or French as I want my children to know a third European language. We are Italian and of course are all fluent in both Italian and English already.

She can eat at our home whenever she likes, free from any charges of course.
I offer her a salary that I would like to discuss according to the solution we find (live in or not).
In case she is interested in doing courses in the morning, I am happy to discuss to help her pay part of it or even all, depending on the cost and on our salary agreements.

My children: they are two kids the Aupair should take care of. One is almost 9 years old and the second one is 3 years old. I need someone caring , positive and fun to be around and that loves children. She will play with them, help the older one with homework (therefore she should also speak quiet ok English ), but also take them out, play football and swimming in the pool. She will also take the older one to after school activities twice a week. In our house we have a garden and in Dubai the weather is always nice therefore good for outdoor activities most of the year. Andrea, the 3 year old is very active and funny. The Aupair should be creative and patient with kids and invent new games to do with both.

She will be with kids from after school time until approx. bed time. She will help with dinner and showers etc...

She will be free all mornings until 15.00
She will be free all week ends ( with the exception of some evenings I will need her to stay with the kids in case my husband and I go out together. This happens maximum 2 evenings a month and she will know in advance).

I offer and need this cooperation for approximately a year but it could be extended.

I am open to discuss more and give more details.

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