Shane and Eleonora
1st Parent: Shane (male)
Parents' main language: English
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Membership No: 359581

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Shane and Eleonora Family photo - but we're now 18 months older!
Shane and Eleonora Koala at the Farm House
Shane and Eleonora In the snow at Falls Creek
Shane and Eleonora In the Hills at the farm

Shane and Eleonora, from Australia. Looking for help from 14 Oct, 2017

We are looking for an energetic, kind, fun-loving, committed, resilient and consistent young person with initiative to help in the care of our 4 young boys and light day to day tasks within the home. We mostly need help around school pick ups and drop offs so you will need to be able to drive in Australia. We have a cleaner and a gardener but it would be great to have help with other chores such as laundry, occasional shopping, dishes and cooking as you feel comfortable.

It will be a great o

We are Eleonora and Shane from Adelaide, South Australia. We have four (4) energetic but delightful boys aged 2, 3, 5 and 7; their names are Oliver, William, Samuel and Benjamin. We have had nannies for our children before, and it has worked well for us and the nannies. But we are now seeking an au pair.

Oliver and William are both at school; Samuel attends the early learning centre 3 days per week, but Benjamin is still at home. He will be keeping you entertained at home during the day - at least 2 days per week! We do not require much babysitting in the evening which means that you are free to enjoy these as you wish.

On your days off you can enjoy the Australian sun on one of the many beautiful beaches just a short drive away or ride or walk along the river. We also have a farm house in the Hills which we would like you to spend some time with us in.

Shane works full time and after hours, but enjoys time on the weekends in the Hills. Eleonora works Thursday and Friday in the city centre (just 2.7km away). In my spare time I enjoy reading. We would like an au pair who will fit in with our lifestyle and enjoy their time with us.

If we sound like your kind of family, and you are looking for a job covering the dates we need someone, we would love to talk to you! Please add us to your Favourites List and we will respond.

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