Anna and Marcin
1st Parent: Anna (female)
2nd Parent: Marcin (male)

Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Membership No: 359233

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Anna and Marcin
Anna and Marcin
Anna and Marcin
Anna and Marcin
Anna and Marcin

Anna and Marcin, from Poland. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2017

Polish family are looking for an au pair, which teach us english language and have fun with our children Maja 9, Kaja 4.
Dear au pair, we would be happy, if you share our family life and help our children improve their english. We are looking for merry-hearted, calm, easygoing young girl who is also responsible and patient. We live in a big university city Wroclaw (650 000 people), 10 min. to the city centre by car. We have 6 bedrooms house (one bedroom will be for you), 2 bathrooms, and huge garden with playground, small pool and an orchard. We are very bussy family, working a lot. I am a polish teacher. I work at home and take care of children ( not only mine, but also 5 little 2,5 years old sweet girls, they stay here from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.). I`m able to teach you polish;) I like cooking and backing, so I`ll by happy if you show me some od your recepies, if not, newer mind;) We also like to travel and because Poland is in the centre of Europe there are many flights avalaible from Wroclaw to other European capitals and cities Rome, Venice, London or Prague... Our children (Maja 9 and Kaja 4) are very polite and adorable. They like playing games, to paint, DIY, ride a bike, they love Lego, listening to stories and singing. We like animals- we have a bird at home and a outdoor cat. We also like to eat in old market place, go to the cinema, make short trips, go camping -our children are Scauts (Pathfinder). Au pair duties will include speaking with kids, playing, singing, school pick-up (Maja ~1 p.m.- drivers licence necessary!) and sometimes drive to german lessons and other activities - like taekwondo or aquapark, help with english homework, light cleanning. If possible to start at September 2017 and stay with us 6-12 months. We have big family in Wroclaw, in Germany, in Canada, in UK, in Australia and we need to learn leanguages;)
We will be happy to explain more about our family when you get in touch with us;)

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