1st Parent: H. (female)

Location: Odense, Denmark
Membership No: 358796

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H., from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 Jun, 2017

Family in Denmark with 3 children is looking for a sweet and responsable girl to come and help them in their household.
Family in Denmark (Fyn, close to the beach) with 3 children is looking for a sweet and responsible person to help them with their daily routines and tasks such as cleaning, ironing, running errands, giving a practical hand during gatherings and meetings, driving the children etc.

We are looking for a person that:

- is an European citizen or alternatively has a permanent working/residence permit for Denmark
- has a driver's license and is an experienced driver
- takes pride in doing her job
- is good with children
- has a good sense of hygiene
- is flexible
- sees possibilities instead of limitations
- has a good sense of humor and positive attitude
- enjoys living out on the countryside
- has housework experience
- is discrete and does not post pictures of the house or children on Social Media

Working hours will be app. 40 hours a week. One or two days off in the weekend, depending on the schedule of the family.

Monthly salary will be app. Euro 2.550 - before Danish taxes. Salary is paid in Danish Krone (DKK).

The family will plan the week schedule in consultation with you, and as it not a strict ‘9 to 5 schedule', you have to be flexible to adjust the working days during busy (or not so busy) periods. Busy periods will of course be compensated with extra time off.

You will not be living in the same house as the family, but have your own privacy as you move into a cute little country house (close to the family's home) with a private room and (shared) kitchen and bathroom with another girl. For this housing, you will pay a rent of around Euro 330 a month (incl. water, electricity, heating, Wi-Fi and TV-channels).

Nearby cities that you could go and visit could be: Middelfart (a fairly large city) - app. 18 minutes drive), Assens (a fairly large city - app. 15 minutes drive), Odense (Denmark's third largest city - app. 25 minutes drive) and Aarhus (Denmark's second largest city - app. 1 hour drive).

A car is available on your free time and days off, as part of your contract. Working in Denmark means you will receive free health insurance as well.

Please note that we are only interested in hearing from candidates who fulfill the abovementioned requirements.

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