Nihan and Harun
1st Parent: Nihan (female)
2nd Parent: Harun (male)

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Membership No: 358775

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Nihan and Harun
Nihan and Harun
Nihan and Harun
Nihan and Harun
Nihan and Harun

Nihan and Harun, from Turkey. Looking for help from 27 Mar, 2017

Aupair needed to help our daughter to improve her language and have enjoyable time together during summer break. We have a cat at home. We need a person who is interested in music, can play at least one musical instrument, good in art and drawing picture.
Hi to all nannies/au pairs!

We are Nihan and Harun from Istanbul, Turkey. We have one daughter aged 9 years old, her name is Sare. We have a housekeeper for 24 hours at home. She is respaonsible of cooking, cleaning, ironing and shopping at home.
We do not require much housework at home. You can have lots of free time to have new experiences in Istanbul.On your days off you can enjoy the Istanbul, historical places, shopping centres, beautiful beaches just a short drive away. We also have a summer house by the seaside which we would like you to spend some time with us in. Me ans my husband we are dealing with our own business and we travel a lot. In our spare times wee njoy reading, travelling and tracking. We would like an au pair who will fit in with our lifestyle and enjoy their time with us.

Our daughter is insterested in art and music, she plays to piano, likes to dance and usually spend her spare time doing some creative things.

If we sound like your kind of family, and you are looking for a job covering the dates we need someone, we would love to talk to you! Please add us to your Favourites List and we will respond.

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