Ilkay and Dença
1st Parent: Ilkay (male)
2nd Parent: Dença (female)

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Membership No: 358692

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Ilkay and Dença Father daughter fight
Ilkay and Dença Girls garden camping
Ilkay and Dença
Ilkay and Dença Girls watching TV

Ilkay and Dença, from Turkey. Looking for help from 9 Apr, 2018

2 DAUGTHERS 4, 6 Y/O. House is out of Istanbul in a forest area near Kilyos Beach. In mid summer, family stays on a Boat in Bodrum or Marmaris. Au pair will be a family member, at home there will be a room with private bathroom and tv, on boat there will be 1 berth of 3.
Our daughters are having pre school experience. We need some assistance to force their basic English skills and a big sister ro care and play. We will be in our house just out of Istanbul and after June we will stay in our boat in Bodrum. At home a room will be available with priavte bath and a TV and in the boat there will be a private berth for au pair. She will be a family member. Parents - 49 y/o father and 34 y/o mother.

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