Sakon and Jeeraporn
1st Parent: Sakon (male)
Parents' main language: Thai
Location: In Middle Of Hatyai City, Thailand
Membership No: 358535

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Sakon and Jeeraporn
Sakon and Jeeraporn
Sakon and Jeeraporn

Sakon and Jeeraporn, from Thailand. Looking for help from 16 Feb, 2020

Nanny needed by small lovely family with 2 children(4yrs girl, 7yrs boy) no pet. live in Thailand, Hatyai city area.
*Focus on english kids tutors than houseworking tutors*

We're Sakon and Jeeraporn from Hatyai, Thailand. we have 2 lovely child aged 4 and 7. their name is Tina and Titan.

Titan and Tina are at school
we live in the middle of Hatyai city which is next to the biggest private hospital and this region. Hatyai/Songkhla have a lovely beach and beautiful things to visit. and it was next to Malaysia border. we can drive to Penang, Malaysia within one day trip. and we have a house in Phuket which is very beautiful place to visit.
We have our owned IT business near our house. and we had housemaid to do cleaning jobs
We're looking for English Tutor nanny who can use English well and can teach/play with our child to make them ready and can speak English via Various Activities. The main purpose is teach and Play with kids not a job that focus on housework and light kids activity. we need someone which have a good emotion, clam down, happy to work with children, clean. Before and After School ( very good or excellent english required )
for Thailand VISA. we have our owned business which will be easier to process VISA than private job. and we live just 1 hour to border so it very easy to get passport stamp
We offer extra bonus for good performance monthly and end of contract big bonus.

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