Friederike and Claus
1st Parent: Friederike (female)
2nd Parent: Claus (male)

Location: Paderborn, Germany
Membership No: 358526

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Friederike and Claus The Kids dressed up for karneval

Friederike and Claus, from Germany. Looking for help from 20 Aug, 2018

Looking for a native-english-speaking au-pair/ nanny for a great, busy family in Paderborn/ Germany starting summer 2018. We have 3 energetic kids (10 year old girl and 7 year old twin-couple), who we raise bilingual since we moved back from Boston/USA 4 years ago. Both mom and dad have demanding jobs and are trying to juggle it all.
We love to spend as much time as we can with our kids. Our family hobbies are swimming, sailing, skiing, basketball etc. Paderborn is a small, family-friendly town in the centre of Germany. University offers a variety of international programms as well as an intensive german language class. We need your help with getting the kids ready in the morning, transportation to and from school/ afternoon activities, homework, playtime and adventures. Most evenings and weekends are free; approximately 20 hours/ week. You need a clean driving license and we ask for a non-smoker. If you are organized, enthusiastic, child-friendly and a native english speaker, who is willing to become part of our family and stay with us for at least 12 months, please get in touch with us!

Our former au-pair from the US wrote this about us:
I have been a part of this family for over a year, and it has honestly been one of the best experience of my life. The kids are exceptionally bright, and always have the ability to brighten my day. They are a pretty goofy trio, so there is never an absence of fun and laughter in our days. They stay very busy, and a lot of time is spent going from different activities around town. However, there is still plenty of down time, which we enjoy by playing games, baking, making crafts, etc. My normal day is spent getting them ready for school and getting them there by 8:15 am. I usually pick them up around 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon and we go to their activities (swimming, sports, music lessons, ballet). You will have a fair amount of free time while they are at school, so it is a great chance to maybe take a class or two at the university. All three children are fluent in English, but they are continuing to improve grammar. They are always open to grammar corrections and can even help you learn some German. Additionally, the parents are very helpful with getting you involved in other activities, such as taking classes at the university, etc. They are also very understanding and helpful in situations such as sickness, when you may not be able to work. Paderborn is a big enough town to have plenty to do, but also small enough so it's not overwhelming. If you do feel like traveling, it's in a great location to take weekend trips to other European cities. I've been able to travel frequently and experience a lot of the fun German culture. This is a great opportunity to see some more of the world, and to be a part of a wonderful family.

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