Osnat and David
1st Parent: Osnat (female)
2nd Parent: David (male)

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Membership No: 358303

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Osnat and David

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

Our AMAZING nanny is leaving to Australia and we are looking for a wonderful, loving, gentle, and caring person to take care of Nadav (1.8)from the morning. His brothers, Gaddy (8) and Uri (10) join the celebration after school (13:30). Native English is preferred (the kids speak fluent English after living two years in America).
Hi, we are David and Osnat. David is a manager in a high tech company, and Osnat is a doctor who teaches law at the Hebrew University twice a week. We have three sweet boys, all are very smart, energetic, and adorable. Uri (10) is a gifted child,and Gaddy (8) is a super-intelligent boy as well. They both speak and read English after spending two years in California (2012-2014). Nadav (1.8), the cutest child on earth(!) understands English as our nanny for the past two years is Australian. Sadly, she is moving to Australia and we are looking for a wonderful person to take over. We have had several nannys throughout the kids' lives (both in Israel and the States) and became family with them. We keep in close touch with them all, and are now looking for a warm and caring person to become part of our lives as well.

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