Alena and Jakub
1st Parent: Alena (female)
2nd Parent: Jakub (male)

Location: Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic
Membership No: 358267

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Au pair needed by friendly family living in the country
Dear au pair,

we need somebody to help us to take care about our daughter (1,5 year) and basicly to be the part of our family. It means to spend with us days, help with daughter- play, feed, go out, etc. and also help with housework. It´s about twice a week a complete cleaning of the house and every day the basic cleaning as it needs (wash the floor, do the dishes, help in the kitchen, ironing, in summer work in the garden,...).
We live in the countryside nearby forest and to the nearest town Ceska Lipa it´s 12 km. I am writing this to you as it´s not for everybody to live aside from the centre of the life and people. We are more to the nature, going for walks, riding bicycle etc.
You would probably live with us for some time to get to know the surroundings and then we could offer the flat in the twon, which you wold have for your own and also provide the car for you so you can easily drive to us.
I don´t have exact idea of the working hours, I think it depends on schedule and we can always talk about it. And what´s more, it´s not ,,working hours", I´d like you to be like our cousin or sister helping us with the daily running of the household. Sometimes you may stay alone in the house for the night or for the weekend with Alenka as we may go somewhere to visit friends etc. Of course we are also planning to do trips all together to show you some of the Czech!
We have two dogs and a few times a week there is my husband´s son (15 years old) staying with us but he´s not for taking a care of :) he also helps a lot in our family with work that needs to be done. Our house has outside swimming pool, inside fireplace and sauna.
We hope we can offer family and kind atmosphere to stay in!

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