1st Parent: Jana (male)

Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Membership No: 357885

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Hi, I am looking for an Au Pair who would simply speak to my two small boys (4 and 7yrs), play games etc. Max. 1hr per day and at the weekend. The Au Pair will not have to look after or care for the boys in any way nor will have to do any housework. Her/His role would be purely educational and will be regarded and a friend of the family, not a maid! We live in a family house approx. 15min by train from Brno. The Au Pair would have the opportunity to travel and discover the Czech Republic, wh
We are looking for an au pair who would be happy to teach our children in a very informal way the English language. We, the adults speak English fluently, however, our kids do not. We watch BBC, ITV, CBBCs but that is still not enough and an every day interaction would be appreciated. Both boys go to school in the morning, finish round 12 o´clock.
We are quite active, try to live a healthy lifestyle. Boring, really, no loud parties :) everything is about the kids these days, but the Au Pair can socialise in Brno (there are many clubs etc.)
Brno is easily accessible by bus or train cca 15-20mins.

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