Emel and Ilker
1st Parent: Emel (female)
2nd Parent: Ilker (male)

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Membership No: 357781

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Emel and Ilker

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

Hello there. My name is Emel. We are a young family of 3 living in Istanbul/Turkey and looking for a lovely live-in au pair with a bubbly character who has excellent communication skills, manners, trustworthy and speaks clear native English language. I work in the evenings between 4-7pm, these hours will be the most important times I'd like you to spend time with my 20 month old son (reading, playing) and some hours during the week days. I will always be at home to assist. I also need some help
I am a Brit living in Istanbul. I am originally Turkish. I wanted to experience Turkey and then met my husband and got married. I've been living in Turkey for 6 years. I am from London. I teach English at home and need someone trustworthy to spend quality time with my son. This is why It is important that you speak well spoken English and be an energetic and creative person. You won't have problems communicating with us as we all speak English. Please be aware we also need help with the housework (ironing, vacuuming, mopping etc) so those who wish to join us please consider this. We live in a 13/14 storey flat. We are on the top floor in the duplex apartment. You will have your own room and bathroom. We hope to meet you soon.

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