Juan and Peng
1st Parent: Juan (female)
2nd Parent: Peng (male)

Location: Shenzhen, China
Membership No: 357365

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Loving Shenzhen family looking for a responsible au pair for 12 year old son
Dear au pair,
Hello welcome to our family!
I am the host mom. In my family there are 4 people: my husband, my son, the nanny and me. My son is 12 years old, who likes basketball, swimming, reading and music. My husband and I both have our own companies so sometimes, we will have business trips in other cities or other countries. Normally my son and I will have more time at home, but my husband is busier with work.
We are a very easy-going family! We are very open-minded. We have been to many countries in the world to explore and learn new culture and lifestyle. If you join us, we will definitely let you know more about Chinese language, culture, food, cities, traditions etc. We will treat you like a new family member and be a sister/brother of my son. He can also help you a lot with Chinese if you want to learn.
We are planning to send our son to study in Spain. It's actually a British school so if you can help him to speak more English and let him be confident in English, that would be appreciated.
I hope you like our family after reading our profile. We live in a very good community in the center of Shenzhen. Shenzhen is the 4th largest city in China. It is a large and beautiful city. Our house is 165 square meters, with 5 bedrooms and 2 living rooms. There are also gardens and swimming pool in our neighborhood. It's close to metro station and bus station. There are also good hospitals, Parks,different stores, restaurants and golf course.
There are many places here to explore. You will be all free when my son is at school. We hope you will have fun with us and enjoy your time in China.
Best Regards

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