Yuji and Yunlong
1st Parent: Yuji (female)
2nd Parent: Yunlong (male)

Location: Hangzhou, China
Membership No: 357271

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Yuji and Yunlong
Yuji and Yunlong Our family
Yuji and Yunlong Katrina and her friends with our au pair
Yuji and Yunlong Katrina practicing calligraphy with grandpa

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

Warmly welcome a new family member to become a big sister for our daughter! bring each other happiness!:)
Dear Au Pair,

Warmly welcome to our loving family!

I am the host mom, a housewife. we have a 5 years old daughter. We had two au pair experience before and we both got along well with each other.

Everyday I will spare some time to teach mandarin and I will try my best to teach you.^^ You can also teach me back in English and my English is quite good but not that perfect but I have confidence for daily communication so you don't need to worry.Because except learning English from you and I also attend some English class so I am really willing to learn the language from you.Usually I will be at home and If you have any questions or need any help you can always come to me and I will always help you.Since I am a housewife and I will also have more time to accompany with you and teach you more about Chinese culture.We will take you as a real family member and a big sister for Katrina,and we also hope you can take Katrina as your younger sister.

Except for teaching Katrina's English and you can also teach me English in daily life so I can learn and we can have more communication during the daily life.

We will be very happy to take you to all kinds activities which can also help you to get used to the life in China and we can also help you learn the culture and language.I will like to learn more culture from your country and show you more about the Chinese culture which can help we understand both better. At the weekend if the weather is good then we will have some outdoor activities like to go for climbing, go to the West Lake which is very famous around China,wetland park,museum, shopping then we will go back home in the afternoon.

We hope au pair can be outgoing, independent, a person who like to learn new things all the time and like spending time with my daughter, so that you can lead my daughter to be motivated to learn English.

We live in the city center of beautiful Hangzhou. We live in an apartment with 185 square meters, 4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, 1 living room and 1 kitchen. 15 mins away from metro station and bus station which is very convenient for the transportation,there are museum,concert hall nearby.

At last,sincerely hope you can join us and bring each other happiness.

Best Regards,

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