Shelly and Weiping
1st Parent: Shelly (female)
2nd Parent: Weiping (male)

Location: Hangzhou, China
Membership No: 357106

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Shelly and Weiping Travel with au pair Johan in beautiful West Lake!
Shelly and Weiping
Shelly and Weiping
Shelly and Weiping

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

warm family from big city looking for au pair sister or brother
Dear Au Pair,
Warm welcome a new family member, a friend and also a teacher for my kids to join our family.We will be more than happy to have you to join our family.
We live in Hangzhou an international city which is also beautiful.There are also many foreigners living here so you will also be very easy to make friends here.I am the host mom and you can call me Shelly and we have two kids.My elder boy is age 7 and my daughter is age 4.They like to play piano,violin and also like to do sports like swimming, football, basketball.So we also hope when you are with my kids and you can do more sports with them so that can lead them to live a healthy life. As for my boy and he is kind of shy and sometimes even naughty, as for my girl and she is very active so they both have different personality.We also hope au pair can be more talkative and active so when you talk with the kids they can also learn English from you.Because you are their teacher and also their role model and I hope they can learn more from you.I am sure they are fast learners and they will pick up things from you very quickly.
We had an au pair and we got along ver well.I am sure we will take you as one of the family members as well.And hope you can be happy with us.Marc already made some progress in English and so does my little girl as well. I also speak English but is not that perfect. As for the daily communication it should be no problem and if you need any help and you can come to me directly. I will always try my best to help you adapt the life in China and also hope you can enjoy your life with our family in China. I know how hard is to go to another new place and adapt a new life, even though I am busy with work during the days but I will always try my best to help you and take care of you.
We had been to many foreign countries before as well and we also know many different culture but we would like to get to know more so we also hope you can teach me English and help me improve even more and also your culture.
When I have time I would like to teach you more about Chinese culture and also language and you can also practice more with us and I hope we can learn from each other in daily life.We are a very nice family and I am sure we will also treat you as our family member.
We are very looking forward to your coming.

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