Esra and Cameron
1st Parent: Esra (female)
2nd Parent: Cameron (male)

Location: Bodrum, Turkey
Membership No: 356929

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We are a Turkish-British couple living in sunny Bodrum for a period of 12-15 months before we return to the UK
We are Cameron and Esra with a 2 year old daughter and a newly born son. We have a home in London, UK which is our primary residence and a second home in Bodrum, Turkey, which is sun-kissed most of the year. Our Bodrum adventure started as a place in the sun, a get-away, however now due to our business needs we shall be based here for a duration of 12-15 months to come.

We are looking for a reliable and experienced live-in nanny to help us with the care and development of our daughter. It is essential that the nanny is a native English speaker for our daughter has only had limited exposure so far to English and we are concerned that this may cause problems when we return to the UK as she reaches nursery age.

In Bodrum, we have a fairly relaxed lifestyle and help is already available for all household chores. We spend most of our time outdoors enjoying Bodrum to the full. We are looking for a nanny to come on board and become a friend/part of the family in helping us care for and develop our daughter. Myra, our daughter, is a very friendly and intelligent toddler. She is just gone past 21 months of age and speaks rather fluently already, Turkish that is. She understands English, however, can not articulate it.

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