Elodie and Maadiou
1st Parent: Elodie (female)
2nd Parent: Maadiou (male)

Location: Paris, France
Membership No: 356786

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Elodie and Maadiou
Elodie and Maadiou
Elodie and Maadiou
Elodie and Maadiou
Elodie and Maadiou

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

Hi, we are a family of 4. We have two daughters : Mayiri (11) and Aduna (10). I'm an art curator and my husband has his own company in the oil and gas business and works mainly in Africa. Mayiri does karate and Aduna Hip-hop. They both love listening to music and of course dancing to it ! Mayiri has a very special passion for cucumbers (eating them) and Aduna for rabbits (absolutely NOT eating them) !!!
We have had 5 au pairs in the past 7 years (two of them stayed for two years) and we have come to really like the relationship that comes out of it. Even though it is a job for which you are payed for and for which we expect you to be serious and committed in every way, we see it more as a collaboration and life experience than an employer/employee relationship. Mayiri and Aduna will be 11 and 10 in September, so they are getting more and more independent but they still need a grown up to be around and we'd like them to continue speaking english on a daily basis. We are looking for an au pair that can cook healthy meals with them, help with homework and keep them off the IPad and TV as much as possible by offering other things to do both indoor and outdoor. They are quite creative and easy to get started on a project.
(Oh, and Aduna asked for an au pair that can make pancakes...)

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