Stephan and Milka
1st Parent: Stephan (male)
2nd Parent: Milka (female)

Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Membership No: 356737

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dear Au-Pair

We are a French / Finnish family living in the lovely city of Luxembourg at the heart of Europe. Both parents work and we are looking for someone to help with our hectic life and take care of our two boys (age 7 and 11) after school. Our family is tri-lingual and we'd welcome anyone who speaks one of our languages - although we have a preference for a Finnish speaker (who needs to speak either English, French or German to get by in Luxembourg!).

We live in a typical 3-story ho

We are looking for a reliable and responsible person with experience of taking care of children and who can be creative about the things they do with them. We have two loving and active boys and hectic life, so you need to be able think on you feet and have energy to keep up with us. Preferably you like the outdoors, because we'd like the kids to be able to spend time outside most days after school. We are easy-going, positive and open-minded people and hope you are too!??

Au pair needs to have a driver's license and be ready to drive every day (a non-automatic car!) to pick up the children from school. We are also looking for someone with basic cooking skills to prepare dinner for the children 3-4 days a week. We have a cleaner, so any other tasks would be very small like some grocery shopping during the week.

We offer a nice big room & board, decent au pair salary, language classes (in Luxembourg you can easily learn any European language) and one return flight. Car also available on free time as agreed. We pay extra for any weekend babysitting. We'd be happy to connect you to our previous au pairs for reference.

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