Sophie and Henri
1st Parent: Sophie (female)
2nd Parent: Henri (male)

Location: Montpellier, France
Membership No: 356736

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Sophie and Henri
Sophie and Henri
Sophie and Henri
Sophie and Henri
Sophie and Henri

Sophie and Henri, from France. Looking for help from 15 Sep, 2018

We are living in the South of France, in a village near by Montpellier. We are a family with 3 kids ( 2 girls 14-16 yrs old & 1 boy :9yrs old°. We lived 2 years in Italia. We speak few Italian but we would like to improve. We are pretty dynamic. The kids are independant but they need a big sister. We have hosted already 5 aupairs and it was 5 great experiences !!! Period request : september 2018- june 2019.
We are looking for an aupair very responsible, quiet and enough sportive to play with kids especially with our son ( 9 years old).
We already hosted 5 aupair girls during the last 5 years : they had really different personnalities however it fit very well with all of them. Kids are independants but need a big sister.

here are their quotes :
Here are their quotes that we asked her to provide :
Arianwen (Wales) : "This family was amazing to work for they were fun and supportive , they are still some of my favourite people and I had a great time working for them ! Best decision I've made !"
Lucie (Czec Republic) : "Dear future au pair,
I am happy to take this opportunity to greet you and hopefully help you with considering if De Parseval's family is the right choice for you.
I came to Aigues-Vives on September 2015. From the first moment I felt very good living with this family. They are extremely easy going and loving people, who make you feel like you are part of them. In the same time they give you enought privacy to manage your life in France in the way you want.
I spent my year there going to the language school, meeting new friends, learning about the country and culture. I have never felt that I work. I very quickly forgot when it is my "working time" and when I am "free". I became a part of the family, where people help each other, but also have some nice moments together.
Kids are very well educated. They are used to have the au pair at home, so they know how to behave. They won't disturb you in your free time, but they are ready to make very strong relationship with you if you will open your heart for them.
I am here to answer all questions you have now or you will have during your stay in Aigues-Vives. It will be nice to meet you one day and welcome you on the "De Parseval's au pairs" board.
Good luck, Lucie
Simona (Italia) : "Ciao mi chiamo Simona e sono stata la sorella maggiore di uno splendido bambino e due fantastiche ragazze da settembre 2016 fino a luglio 2017.
La mia esperienza au pair è stata entusiasmante tutto una continua novitá..nonostante i problemi iniziali dovuti al distacco dalla mia famiglia i miei amici,una lingua che non ho mai studiato e i problemi che normalmente si presentano in un luogo diverso dal quale si vive grazie all' aiuto di tutta la famiglia che da subito mi ha fatto sentire a casa e mi ha aiutato in qualsiasi problema io avessi questi problemi sono diventati sempre più piccoli lasciando posto a un'esperienza indimenticabile .
Anche la scuola di francese mi ha aiutato tantissimo con la lingua e li ho conosciuto ragazzi e ragazze che affrontavano la mia stessa esperienza e con i quali mi sono confrontata a livello culturale e linguistico e con alcuni di loro anche una bellissima amicizia .Nei fine settimana ho girato moltissimi posti entrando in contatto con la cultura francese i suoi colori ,sapori e profumi.
Consiglierei a chiunque di prendere coraggio e buttarsi in questa bellissima esperienza che rimarrá un esperienza unica nella vostra vita!"

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