1st Parent: Xianbing (male)

Location: Shanghai, China
Membership No: 356707

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Hi, we are a happy and nice family of four, living in Shanghai:)
Welcome to join us!

Welcome to our family! Hope we can have a happy time together!
My little boy's name is Craigie, I'm his father. I am working in an assert management company, and I like watching movies, playing table tennis,swimming and playing golf. His mother is a housewife. She takes and picks up the kid .The grandparents will come to see the kids sometimes, but they are spoiling the kid a little bit. There is also a nanny in our home, and you do not need to do the housework.
Craigie is a naughty boy, but he is very cute and smart. Even though he is four years old, he could reel off many poems of the Tang Dynasty, and he can also speak a little English. I hope you can play games with him, tell him some stories, sing and dance with him . I also want you to teach him how to be polite, patient and brave. We wish he could learn more things about the world with your accompany. Our family can teach you mandarin, too. Hope we can study together and improve ourselves.
Craigie has a regular day. He gets up at 8:00 O'clock and goes to bed at 10:00. The class is over at 4:00pm. The kindergarten is 15minutes from our home. In the evening, Craigie usually has a walking, playing and watches the cartoons. We hope you can play with him before the bed time. Now he can eat with spoon by himself. I have a busy work and usually on a business trip. The mother will do the housework and take care of the baby. If you like, you can go to the garden ,the zoo and other places with the families.
We live in Lujiazui, Pudong district, where there is big supermarket, garden and gym nearby. And the transportation here is convenient ,too. We will provide you a single separate room with wifi,. We hope we can keep the house tidy and clean. Every year we will have at least one family-trip, if you want to come with us, we will cover your fees. If you would like to taste the Chinese food, you could come to have meal with us, but if you don't like the Chinese food, you could cook the western food by yourself, and we provide the food materials for you.
Finally, thank you so much for choosing our family. Let's become good friends. Hope we can enjoy a wonderful time in future!

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