Su and Khan
1st Parent: Su (male)
2nd Parent: Khan (female)

Location: Shankhay, China
Membership No: 356503

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Su and Khan
Su and Khan
Su and Khan

Su and Khan, from China. Looking for help from 5 Oct, 2016

dear aupair
this will be our first experience with sameone living with us and coming from another country and culture.We are very welcoming family and our hope is to enlarge it welcoming you in a nice environment,allowing your freedom, your grothing and you culture experience.We hope you really like children.Do you want to come with us and enjoy with us.We hope to see you soon...

So we like to search for people who are open to new things. We are glad to host a girl serious, responsable, who will be able to take care of the baby, you will also have a free time and you can decide how to spend ot if in familyor not.If you will like go for trip we can came with you or give you details and information of bus or public transport.

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