Steve and Juliette
1st Parent: Steve (male)
2nd Parent: Juliette (female)

Location: Shanghai, China
Membership No: 356486

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We are looking for a funny and enjoying-life au pair, to take care of our adorable 8 year's old son and keep teaching him english and play with him.
Hi to all nannies/au pairs!

We are Steve and Juliette from Shanghai, China. My husband is British and I'm from Belgium. We are both working in the telecoms. We have one lovely kid aged 8, Dylan. He's energic and full of life! He enjoys every new things he can discover and is always learning from us and other people.
Dylan is doing scholarship in an international establishment and you will just have to bring him to the taxi driving him to school every morning, and take care of him all afternoons and evenings before we come back from work!
You will see there's plenty of things to do in Shanghai, it's an international and incredible city! We know other families with au pair, we could help you to know each other!

If you think you can be part of our happy family, please do not hesitate to send us a message!

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