1st Parent: Seppo (male)

Location: Tampere, Finland
Membership No: 356220

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Seppo, from Finland. Looking for help from 1 Apr, 2019

Nanny needed to help single dad with three children at Finnish countryside. Keeping company to the children when I am at work, some housework.
My children have two homes, mine and their mothers few kilometers away. They live with me one week, and the next with their mom. Because of my irregular and often unpredictable work hours, I need help for the weeks the children are staying with me. I would sometimes need you to do a lot of hours those weeks, but when the kids are at their mothers, you would be free. Every other week you would be free to roam the land! Or to stay at your own room, and snore so that the roof tiles will fall from over your room. Or anything between those two options.

The most important part of the work would be tending to the needs of the children when I am at work. Breakfast, dinner, giving attention and warmth. Moderate cooking skills would be good. Some housework, at least cleaning after yourself and the children. Taking children out to play, trying to activate them, so that they don't just sit and watch movies. If you have drivers license, sometimes driving between home, daycare and school. You would have nine and five year old boys and an eight year old girl to look after.

The house is located in the Finnish countryside by a small lake. If you like outdoors, there is plenty of nature around. At the house is a piano. We have cats and dogs.

You have your own room upstairs. Internet when ever you need.

Waiting to hear from you soon!


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