Sophie and Andrew
1st Parent: Sophie (female)
Parents' main language: English
Location: Haslemere (london 1 Hour Away), United Kingdom
Membership No: 356185

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Sophie and Andrew
Sophie and Andrew
Sophie and Andrew
Sophie and Andrew Mummy cuddle!

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

Relaxed and welcoming family with boy (3) and girl (5) looking for happy au pair to join the family and look after the kids while mum and dad are at work.
Hi there!
We are looking for a happy, relaxed, child loving au pair to join our family, experience British life and help look after our two gorgeous and entertaining children! We are both doctors- Andy works full time and Sophie works 3 days a week.

We live in a small town in the Surrey countryside, an hour south of London, and need someone who is a competent driver, as our daughter's school is 4 miles away. There is a great balance of being near the beautiful countryside, with numerous walks, woods and parks, and being within walking distance of Haslemere town centre. The coast is an hour to the south, London is an hour to the north, and there are masses of things to do and see in between. Haslemere has lots going on in terms of sports and activities and there are many families nearby who have nannies and au pairs. You are unlikely to be lonely living here!
The kids are great fun- the older girl started school this year and the younger boy goes to a nursery school on our road 3-4 days a week. They are generally polite and well mannered, but also enjoy fun, games and running around enjoying being children!

We would like someone who is enthusiastic about life, keen to try new adventures and who would relish the chance to care for our children while we are at work. This will involved getting the kids ready for school/nursery and taking them there 2-3 mornings a week, and picking them up and looking after them after school into the evenings. We would like someone who enjoys finding new things to do with them and who enjoys being active- especially outdoors. We would also need someone who is relatively flexible as, due to the nature of our jobs, on occasion we will have to leave early for work, or be back later than expected, though this doesn't happen that often.
We are pretty relaxed and sociable as a family- we are looking to welcome someone into our family who wants to have a great British experience and to have as much fun caring and playing with our children as we do!

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