Ling and Ang
1st Parent: Ling (female)
2nd Parent: Ang (male)

Location: Taixing, China
Membership No: 356133

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Ling and Ang
Ling and Ang
Ling and Ang
Ling and Ang

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

Au Pair sister needed by a loving family with 1 little girl age 8 to enjoy life together!
There are 4 family members in our family, me, my husband, our 24-years old son, and 8-year-old daughter. My son already graduate from university. my girl is studying in primary school in grade 3.

Taixing is a city near the Shanghai city.Shanghai is a international metropolitan city,There is the Financial Center in China,and from our city to Shanghai just need 2 hours.From our city to Hangzhou just need 3 hours,and Hangzhou is the most beautiful tourist city in China.Also just 90 minutes from our city to Suzhou,Suzhou also is the most beautiful tourist city in China.From our city to Nanjing city just need 2 hours,There are more than 1200 years history of this's one of the cultural and historical heart in China.

we live in a 3-floor cottage with 400 square meters, 5 bedrooms. we have garden as well. the community is very sate and beautiful. It is in the city center, very convenient, and if you can drive also can drive our car to go our. :) we are very willing to invite you to join all kinds of family activities.

we hope you can accompany our daughter, play piano, drawing, dancing, teach her English in daily life. She is also learning English at school.

We love traveling, have been to many beautiful places in China, wish you can join our adventure!
We like playing Golf, if you are also interested, welcome to join us and enjoy happy time!

Jiangsu province is in the middle east of China, well developed business and education center in this country.It is also the capital area in many dynasties of ancient China. Here we have very good combination of traditional history and modernization.

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