Jessica and Juha
1st Parent: Jessica (female)
2nd Parent: Juha (male)

Location: Parikkala, Finland
Membership No: 356118

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Jessica and Juha
Jessica and Juha
Jessica and Juha
Jessica and Juha
Jessica and Juha

Jessica and Juha, from Finland. Looking for help from 1 May, 2019

Regular, happy family wishing to find a new member for help and company!
Hello! We are a family with 2 children. Eirik is 8 years old, mostly calm and funny, likes soccer, ice hockey, playstation, youtube and playing with his friends. Esja is 5 and very energetic and impulsive and funny, likes crafts, playing with friends and goes to school a few days a week. I am working in an office and Jussi is working in shifts driving a milk truck.
We live in the countryside, away from city lights and stress. We like to spend time outdoors and enjoy music. Other interests in family are vehicles especially tractors :), reading, crafts, gardening, swimming, snow fun, legos. We go to different hobbies and are active in volunteering (assosiation giving experiences in the village for kids and families). Sometimes friends or relatives come to visit us and we go to visit them also to different parts of Finland, mostly to Helsinki, the capital, from where I moved 10 years back.
We live a simple and peaceful everyday life, trying to enjoy small and larger things, spending time together. The kids are both happy and mostly well behaved :). I think kind and firm discipline is good for the whole family, respect for others is very important. We are fun loving and like to do different activities. And in everything the priority is the wellbeing of the children.
I have been an au pair myself so I understand your situation well. We are looking for a mature, flexible, confident, calm, responsible, reliable, positive, happy, friendly and helpful person who will be a part of our family.
Our family is bilingual, Finnish and Swedish. Everyone in the family knows English as well, me and kids are fluent.
We hope that you have hobbies that are possible to exercise in the country side. Enjoying nature is free! You are also welcome to join us in your free time.
Daily chores will include taking care of the kids, playing with them and looking after them. Also help with domestic work like cooking, laundry, dishes, cleaning up is included. Scheduled hours will vary some between 07-21 hrs, but basically 30 h/week with 2 days off. Sometimes we travel and these periods may require full days, in exchange you can take a longer period off for own travels or days off.
We will offer you a unique experience to be a part of a loving family and a new culture. You will have your own room and access to internet. Board is included and you will receive pocket money.
Since we will spend a lot of time together, like a family does, it is very important is that our personalities match and we feel comfortable with each other. We are quite flexible and a lot of practical things are negotiable. We are looking for someone to stay 3-12 months, starting date is flexible too.
Looking forward to getting to know you better. You are welcome to discuss with our previous au pairs if you wish to learn a reference. We have made life long friendships and hope you will be the next addition to our family! You can find a lot more pictures of our everyday life on facebook.
Best regards,
Jessica Kosonen os Rönkä

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