Eva and Karl
1st Parent: Eva (female)
2nd Parent: Karl (male)

Location: Hangzhou, China
Membership No: 356104

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Eva and Karl
Eva and Karl
Eva and Karl
Eva and Karl
Eva and Karl

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

Au pair needed by a fun family with 1 child, to hlep us with childcare so we can all enjoy life!
Dear au pair,
Hi, My name is Eva, and my husband is Karl. We live in Hangzhou, China, a world-famous tourist city, which is well-known for its West Lake, Xixi Wetland, Liangzhu Culture Residence, Song Dynasty Town, Hefang Street and all kinds of museums. It only takes 40 minutes to Shanghai by train. My child is Benny, he is a five-year old boy with outgoing personality. He is very friendly although sometimes he is also naughty. He is interested in music and likes listening to English children's songs, and he can sing a lot of English songs. He likes playing Legos and all kinds of car toys. Benny studies in Hangzhou International School where uses pure English to teach, so he can speak basic English fluently. Although I am not very good at English, I don't think it is a problem. We have found three Au-Pairs who came from America, Canada and Germany respectively. We got along well with each other. We'd like to treat Au-Pairs as family in basis of equality, mutual assistance and respect. They lived in my house and got along with us for a long time, during that period, they all liked Benny very much, and we had very deep feelings especially between them and Benny. We cannot help crying and feeling sad when they left. Now although they have come back to their own countries, we still keep in touch, concern and miss each other like very good friends. We hope that the Au-Pair can speak pure English.. If you want to learn to speak Chinese, we are willing to teach you. You can have a rest once a week, and you can also go out to play with friends. There are many Au-Pairs in my friends' families, I would also like to introduce them to you to let you not feel lonely in China. Of course, we are willing to invite you to join in our family party or tour.

About my family, my husband is businessman, I will help him if the company is busy. At ordinary times, we like traveling, hanging out, watching movies, going to the gym and gathering with my friends. There is a nanny in my family, who cooks and does housework at ordinary times.

I hope the excellent you can teach Benny how to be polite, patient and brave, take Benny to go to school and go home with me, and have the interest-oriented classes with Benny after school. He likes drawing, pottery, Lego and playing the piano. You can accompany Benny to play all kinds of games, do more outdoor exercise, tell stories to him, to make him fall in love with reading, and sing songs and dance together. I hope you can use more English to give him a good environment of learning English. You'd better have plans to teach the child more things. In you free time, I hope you can pay attention to the personal hygiene and clean up your own room.

Our housing estate is close to the beautiful Qiantang River. There is a garden in the community with fitness center and swimming pool. There are bus stops nearby, and all kinds of stores and catering in the surrounding area with convenient life and traffic. If you have time, you can explore this city in the surrounding area. If you come to our family, we can provide a individual room for you. We have WIFI and the restroom is available to you. In the catering, if you are willing to eat Chinese food, you can eat with us. We can provide three meals, fruits and snakes. If you are not used to eating Chinese food, you can use the kitchen to cook western food with the food material we provide. If you are willing to come to our family, we will pay your pocket money, and we will afford the one-way or round-trip ticket for you. If our family is just what you want, please contact me.

Finally, I hope you can come to my family again, to let my child has one more partner, let me have one more friend, let our family has one more member, and let us have another life experience and interest.

Thank you for reading and we hope to talk with you soon!

-Eva Family

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