Maria and Fran
1st Parent: Maria (female)
2nd Parent: Fran (male)

Location: Madrid, Spain
Membership No: 355636

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Maria and Fran

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

We are looking for an aupair who wants to become a part of a Spanish family and helping us to care our three beautiful daughters while traveling a lot and meeting new people.
We are a family of five, well, six with the dog. We like being a very active family and travel a lot, so we would like you to love traveling and knowing different places from Spain. We spend a lot of time with our friends with other children of the same ages, and family too, so we would like you to become one of us in the same way.
We are looking for someone who wants to become a part of our family. She should be responsible, talkative, "faster learning", with sense of humor and dynamic. The aupair must like meeting new places. We would like her to speak with our daughters in English and help them with the homework and the chores. I would like English language to be a natural funny thing for them, and not something that they have to study. You would also be required to do some light house work, just as if you were a part of our family, just like one of us.
We are used to have aupairs at home, this would be our fourth experience and we think it is a great way to learn about different cultures (from both sides) and a great way for our daughters to improve their English.

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