Elke and Christoph
1st Parent: Elke (female)
2nd Parent: Christoph (male)

Location: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Membership No: 355398

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Elke and Christoph
Elke and Christoph
Elke and Christoph
Elke and Christoph

Elke and Christoph, from Germany. Looking for help from 1 May, 2019

Warmhearted, extroverted, curious Au pair with passion for playing with little kids wanted by a relaxed family with 2 girls, to teach them your language and help us taking care for them.
Hi to all au pairs!

We are Elke and Christoph from Offenbach am Main, RheinMain Region, Hessen, Germany. We have two energetic but delightful children aged 5 and 7; their names are Sophia and Emilia. We do have family in Hong Kong and the US, where the cousins of our two girls are growing up speaking mainly english. That is why our girls are attending a trilingual school and kindergarten to already learn english and spanish. We do speak german at home, but it would be an asset to have somebody native english speaking for our kids to help them improving their language. As I do speak spanish as well and do love the language it would also be an option for us to find a native spanish speaking au pair to speak spanish with the kids while learning german from them and us.

We are living in a very charismatic old house that we refurbished in 2012. It is located midtown, with a lovely garden. The au pair room has been freshly renovated in 2016.
Christoph is working with the German Central Bank (Financial Stability Department), he enjoys going for walks in the countryside nearby. I am an architect and working with the City council of Frankfurt. We usually take our bikes to get to our offices in Frankfurt. In my spare time I enjoy cooking and having family and friends around. We would like to find an au pair who fits into our lifestyle, is interested in getting to know us and enjoys the time with us. The kids are doing swimming and ballet and also love to spend time on the playground or arrange playdates with their friends. We often do host friends and family as well and love garden parties.

We would like you to help us getting the girls ready in the mornings, drop them at kindergarten and school which are located in the same house. You would pick them up in the afternoon between 16:00 and 16:30. In between you are free to your own activities, e.g. to visit language school or explore the area (Frankfurt is really close). After picking up the kids in the afternoon you would organize the time with our kids (spend some time outside on playgrounds or cycling). We would like you to be creative in their indoor and outdoor activities and to use the chance to improve their english or spanish language skills by reading them books, telling stories, invent new things, etc. It would be an asset if you are experienced in working with kids. Christoph and I are usually getting home not later than 19:00. Afterwards we are preparing dinner and spending some time with the kids.

Generally you would be responsible for your own room and to organize the kids stuff e.g. tidying up their room, doing the kids laundry and we would also ask you to help us in laying the table, cleaning the table and the kitchen after our meals. Additionally we do have a cleaning lady.

We do not require much babysitting in the evenings which means that you are free to enjoy these as you wish. In your spare time you can easily go to Frankfurt, which is only 10 minutes away by s-bahn or 20 minutes by bike. As our region is located quite in the centre of Germany and Europe, you can also discover a lot on your days off.

If we sound like your kind of family, and you are looking for an abroad experience covering the dates we need someone, we would love to talk to you!

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