1st Parent: Linda (female)

Location: Hangzhou, China
Membership No: 355335

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Hello, we are a bubbly family living in Hangzhou,
"City of Heaven", my husband and I have three teenage kids,We have a wide range of interests and love to travel.
You are more than welcome to join us traveling, trying cuisine, getting to know about our profound culture!

Hi girls,we are a family of four members, wish there will be an Au pair girl with us during this summer, from June to Sep.

my boys are 8 and my girl is husband and I are both managers. I think we are a outgoing family:) for we love to share about our country's culture. You can experience and explore it here with us, such as the tea ceremony and flower arrangement.
and we are also nice:) we dine out, travel and go to the gym a lot, we'd love to do it all with you:D

We live in "city of Heaven"-Hangzhou, we live in a Garden Villa near the West Lake.Great air quality and living condition.
Secenic spots such as Longjing Green Tea production area, botanical garden of Hangzhou,
Huaguangyouyu Park and Yang Gong causeway are around.
You have so many choices to hang around in your spare time.

We would love this to be cultural exchange for both of us,for we hired nanny, so there is no need for you to do housework whatsoever, the point is letting my kids exposed to your idiomatic English. Mainly, you just have to send my children to school at 7:30 am, get her back at about 4 pm, I hope you can practice English,have fun with them.

Again, welcome to join my family! travel and enjoy thi s summer with us:D

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