1st Parent: Shanshan (female)

Location: Hangzhou, China
Membership No: 355334

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Hi girls, I invite you to join my family in Hangzhou:)
Hi, Welcome to join my family.
I am the mother,a Sales Manager. In the spare time, I also take the oral English classes in the institution named Wall Street. My husband is a Sales Director in a Telecom enterprise. My little girl is Yang Zi. She is 5 years old now. She enjoys painting, reading the picture books, listening the nursery rhythm and watching the cartoons. What's more, she also likes doing some sports, playing the drum and billiards.She is very smart, she can even speak some English.
Usually her grandma does the housework and her grandpa works in the day. So we hope that you could kind accompany my little girl. You could play games with her, tell her some interesting stories, singing and dancing, or play the piano with her.

We don't need you to do the housework, all you need to do is playing with my girl, so that she could learn English in a happy atmosphere. Additional,we hope you could make her to be a polite, patient and brave lady. I could teach you standard Chinese if you want. Since I am a northerner who lives in the south, I could let you know more about Chinese culture from different views.
We will bring you to the beautiful park, zoo, supermarket as well as the bookstore with us. We could shopping together. When I am not at home, you could talk with my mom. Since she can't speak English, it is a great chance for you to practice your Chinese.
We live in Hangzhou, which is the provincial city of Zhejiang. There is a famous university named Zhejiang University near my house(in China, it is one the top three universities, the other two are Tsinghua university and Peking University). The famous attraction West Lake is also very close to our home. If you want to go there to have a look, you could take a bus just besides the building we live. Or,you could ride a bike there, you could rent a bike from the public bike rental point nearby. There are all kinds of stores, supermarket, night market, commercial street, shopping mall and food court surrounding our home. All the life and traffic facilities are perfect. If you would like to come to my home, we could provide you a private room with WIFI.

Again, welcome to join us!

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