1st Parent: Wenxi (female)

Location: Shanghai, China
Membership No: 355311

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Hi au pair girls, I am a mother of a boy and a girl,
we are living in shanghai.
this time I hope my girl can have your company as her friend and teacher.
we are outgoing, open-minded persons,also, we live in the very center of Shanghai, I definitely welcome you to join us have fun in outdoor activities,travel trip to cities nearby and dine out, to cultural event.
on top of that, we have a nanny so no need for you to do housework.
Welcome to join us!

Hi girls! we live in Shanghai, the most international city in China as they say:)

I am the mother, I do managerial work,my husband works in my company too and he is the general manager.

we have a boy(11) and a girl (5),however, I want this time our au pairing is focused on my little girl, so I really wish to have an au pair girl's company.
my boy is at boarding school,he is only home in holidays and weekends.
my girl is a lovely girl,she was born in HongKong
she is a little bit shy but sure she will like you and you two can be good friends!she loves drawing,ballet, reading, hand crafting,music and building blocks.

We have a live-in nanny,which means you have light 'work' to do since housework is not requried for you.

We have a lovely British Shorthair cat:) hope you love animal too, I can show you photos.

my place is located in the city centre, it's so easy to live there!it is near Shanghai Jiao Tong University, also there is metro station nearby, you can search for it:)

we'd love to explore and travel with you!
you just have to help my little five year old girl with his English through accompany her to and from the school, play games, do homework,reading books, do sports and so forth, that's all:)

again, welcome to join us! I wish to have the chance to speak to you and see you soon!

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