Claire and Cyril
1st Parent: Claire (female)
2nd Parent: Cyril (male)

Location: St. Julians, Malta
Membership No: 355165

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Claire and Cyril

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

We are a friendly Maltese family with four kids and need an extra pair of hands, especially with the young ones. Our eldest child is very independent and even helps out. We parents both work in education and love being outdoor with the kids.
Dear Au Pair, I am a teacher with 4 kids, and next September 2016 I will go back to work. The children will be 11, 9, 5 and 2 by then, and they will all be attending school or nursery. So there is some free time in the mornings unless one of the children needs to stay at home. We all leave home at 7.30am, The kids arrive at 2pm, and I get home at 3pm. My husband usually arrives later. I would need somebody to be home when the children arrive. I need help with feeding the kids, homework, and also need help with light housework such as laundry, making beds, and tidying up etc. In our house, even the children help with the housework. Once a week, a housekeeper comes to clean the house. Our house is in walking distance from the promenade by the sea, and also to entertainment areas such as cinema, pubs, bowling alley etc. The shopping area is not far either. So there is a lot to do in your free time. We would prefer a European Au Pair, since there would be no problems with visa, work permits etc. and must definitely be a non smoker. It would also be great if the au pair is willing to drive. Looking forward to hearing from you, Claire

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