Anna and Piotr
1st Parent: Anna (female)
2nd Parent: Piotr (male)

Location: Poznan, Poland
Membership No: 352310

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Anna and Piotr
Anna and Piotr Kajo and Maks
Anna and Piotr Ania and Malwina
Anna and Piotr Poznan, Old Town
Anna and Piotr Maks and Blue

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

Dear Au Pair,

We would be very happy to welcome you within our family!
We are a happy and friendly family from Poland. We are looking for a positive, caring, dynamic and responsible person speaking excellent English. We live in a big city in a large house with garden. We don't need housework! We want you to share our family life, to take care of our children and primarily to help our children improve their English. We would like you to be like a big sister for our children:).

Our family consists of the following members:

Anna (43 old) and Piotr (49) – parents (both crazy about sport- joga, jogging, and healthy food)

Kajetan (10)our inventor and sportsman,) he plays also the piano,
Maksymilian (8) – crazy about tennis, skiing and soccer,

We have also 2 daughters but they are very independent and well organized teenagers:) and we don't need really help with them - only English lessons:)
Malwina(15) –artistic soul (she paints, draws and creates decoupage)
she plays also tennis
Ania (14) loves horses and dancing

We have also a dog and a cat :)

My husband and me have our own business in the construction field.
As a family, we love traveling, spending times together and cooking. We like sport and healthy food.

We live in a big city - Poznan, 7 min from the old town (by car), and 2 min from the lovely park (on foot), in a large 8 bedrooms house with 5 bathrooms and a large backyard. Poznan it's a great city with a lot of students and active student life to get engaged into. We live in the city center and it's easy to go to gym, bars and activities.

We are looking for an Au Pair to stay with our family (2-3months) from June/July to September.
We are looking for somebody who really loves kids, person willing to provide for their safety and comfort. We would like to Au Pair spent with our children vacation. We plan catamaran cruise in France and visiting France as well stay at the Polish seaside.

We would be happy for you to participate in our family every day social life! Please add us to your Favourites List and we will respond.

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