1st Parent: Kathrine (female)

Location: Karpathos, Greece
Membership No: 352120

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Kathrine Mum and Kids :)
Kathrine The oldest :)
Kathrine The oldest and the youngest :)

Kathrine, from Greece. Looking for help from 15 Jun, 2017

Hello! we are a multi-language speaking family, living on a gorgeous Greek island. I have three beautiful and active kids (and a sweet dog), who loves beach life and who is looking for someone who wants to play with them while mum works.
We are a very nice family, easy going and spend a lot of time outdoors. The summers are very busy and the kids are spending a lot of time on the beaches where they swim, windsurf or just play. Mum is from Norway and runs her own Yoga Retreat business, so the summers are pretty busy.I have two girls, one is 12 and the other is 10,5. The youngest is a boy, and he is 7. They all go to school, which finishes mid-June and starts again mid-September.

I am looking for someone who is hands-on, mature, flexible, who can be consequent with the children and who is independent in her work. Its very important for me that you are flexible! I am looking for someone who enjoys spending time with kids, going to beaches, spending time outdoors. You will need to enjoy being outside doing things with the kids - to play with them, and be a part of the family. You will need a lot of energy in order to be happy with us, as there is always something going on :) As i am a single mum, i need someone who is responsible and who can be "me" when i am working. Making sure the kids are well taken care of and that they follow the routine we already have in the house. We are a fun and loving family, we are used to new people as we have had many au-pairs before, and the kids have grown up being around tourists. So you will be met with open arms :)

We look forward to hearing from you.

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