Emek and Kemal
1st Parent: Emek (female)
2nd Parent: Kemal (male)

Location: Antalya, Turkey
Membership No: 351009

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Emek and Kemal

Emek and Kemal, from Turkey. Looking for help from 1 Jan, 2018

Hi,we are a agency in turkey and we are always looking for an au pair or nanny for turkey or other countries. The name of agency is call mary poppins turkey.Please add us if you are looking family in turkey. We will be pleased to help you to find best family's.
Hi to all nannies/au pairs!

We are Emek and Kemal from Antalya,Turkey. We have two lovelly and delightful children aged 7 and 2,5.My dougthers name Bernur and my sons name Mithat.We have had nannies for our children before, and it has worked well for us and the nannies.
Bernur is at school; Mithat will be keeping you entertained at home during the day!On your days off you can enjoy the Antalya's sun on one of the many beautiful beaches just a short drive away. We also have a summer house by the lake which we would like you to spend some time with us in. Kemal is a vet and works pretty hard, but enjoys going on holidays and seen differant placeses with us.I have my own business but not working to hard. In my spare time I love cooking and go shopping.Also I always take care of kids whîle I'm at home.We would like a nanny or au pair who will fit in with our lifestyle and enjoy their time with us.

If we sound like your kind of family, and you are looking for a job covering the dates we need someone, we would love to talk to you! Please add us to your Favourites List and we will respond.

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