Ann-christin and Henrik
1st Parent: Ann-christin (female)
2nd Parent: Henrik (male)

Location: Fredrikstad, Norway
Membership No: 348593

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Ann-christin and Henrik

Ann-christin and Henrik, from Norway. Looking for help from 10 Jan, 2017

Nice family of 5 in norway needs an au pair to help us with cildcare and to join us in our daily life and activities!
We are a family of 5 me and my husband, we are 40 and my 3 kids Aurora, Zarah and Mille. Aurora is now 11 and Zarah is 10 years old, they go to school every day from 8 to 2, and are both active girls playing sports and out with friends.Every second weekend they spend with their biological father who is not living with us. Mille is 5 years old, every day she is in kindergarden form approximately 8 to 4. As a family we are all active and try to get out and around when we have time. We love spending time socializing with friends and family.

My husband an I both work Monday too Friday, I leave home around 7 and come home between 4 and 5 after picking up Mille in kindergarden.My husband works in Oslo (the capital city) and has an hours commute each direction. He often has long hours at work and comes home later. His work also requires him to travel quite often.

We all live in a small area called Slevik, which is 15 minutes outside Fredrikstad, our closest city. Fredrikstad and our home is one hour away from Oslo. Our house is near the ocean and we live in a beautiful area of Norway.

We are looking for an au pair that can live with us as part of our family, joining us in our daily lives and helping us out around the house and with the kids.this means that it is important to us that you like children and that you can cook and take your part of the housekeeping.

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