Maria and Julio
1st Parent: Maria (female)
Parents' main language: Spanish
Location: Madrid, Spain
Membership No: 347099

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Maria and Julio
Maria and Julio
Maria and Julio

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

Au pair needed by a young family with 4 children to play with them, practice sports and enjoy the summer time!!
We are a family with four children, 11,almost 10,8 and 5 years old, two boys and two girls. They are really nice children who enjoy playing sports and games. We have lived in London for a couple of years, and now we live in Madrid. We are a lovely family and we expect that the au-pair who stays with us during summer feels like home and has lots of fun!

We are going to spend our summer by the seaside in Murcia. There, we have a lovely traditional house with a big garden close to the beach. Usually we spend time sailing and swimming, we have bikes, and there are lots of plans to do around. The weather is beautiful and there is plenty of young people.

Our idea is that the au-pair who comes to our family would help us only with the children mainly during the summer holidays. We need an au pair who talks to them in English while she plays a lot with them and shows them fun games. So she needs to be a girl with initiative and imagination for games, sports and activities.

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