Laura and Dean
1st Parent: Laura (female)
2nd Parent: Dean (male)

Location: Perth, Australia
Membership No: 346277

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Laura and Dean Christmas time in our new garden 2013.
Laura and Dean
Laura and Dean
Laura and Dean

Laura and Dean, from Australia. Looking for help from 20 Jan, 2016

Nanny/aupair needed to help raise our beautiful daughter while mum goes back to work. Great lifestyle choice with most weekends off to explore Western Australia. Very flexible and easy going family that we hope you become part of. Starting full time Montessori school in January 2016 so help dropping off or picking up needed....:-)
Our small family of 3 live in the Suburb of St James, which is south of Perth City. My fiancé is originally from Perth and I'm from England. After moving to Queensland in 1981 I moved to Perth in 2010 after meeting my partner. Our daughter was born on the 1st September 2012. My fiancé is a qualified chef, however for the past 9 years has work in the mining industry as a Safety Advisor. The company he works for is located in Karratha, a mining town 2hrs flight north of Perth. He works a FIFO roster (Fly-in Fly-out roster) 9:5 roster, which means he is away for 9 days and home for 5, so we get to spend every 2nd weekend together! I am currently working full time - Monday to Friday and occasional weekend work. My position is with an Australian airline and I workam a Manager of the airport Lounges.
Our daughter currently attends Montessori Day Care Monday-Friday. We generally cook all of her food, and we're lucky as she LOVES all kinds of food –olives, smoked salmon, eggs, blueberries, cashews, mushrooms and more hehe. While my fiancé or I will look after most meals, we need help with some meals or school lunch prep.
Our Daughter is quite a social little girl and has started chatting away about all the things she loves :-) We have always tried to redirect Stella's attention if she is doing something she shouldn't be, rather than discipline at this age, and so far so good! Our daughter doesn't watch TV or play with iPads as we value play and time to explore….Sleep has never come easy for with a fear of missing out ;-) so its important to pick up on the tired cues. We will certainly help you with Stella's routine and ask that you respect the importance of this for her well being.
I have travelled while in university and had the opportunity to stay with host families. It was an absolutely wonderful way to learn not only the language I was studying (Japanese) but also the culture connected to the language. I had so many great experiences and understand the emotions that you will most likely experience too, being away from your family and friends. We really hope that you will feel part of our family and not only an ‘Au Pair'
So there you have a bit more about us! We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about you as well.

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