Grant and Megan
1st Parent: Grant (male)
Parents' main language: English
Location: Sydney, Australia
Membership No: 344579

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Grant and Megan
Grant and Megan 2 year old twins
Grant and Megan Older boys
Grant and Megan Our house
Grant and Megan Your room

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

Canadian family living in a harbourside suburb of Sydney Australia - POTENTIAL OPENING FOR JUNE 2018
We are a family with four children....but don't be alarmed, you're not caring for all of them at once on your own!

The oldest boy is 8 years old and is in grade 3. The other boy is 6 years old and he is in grade 1. We also have 3 year old twins, one boy and one girl who are in preschool (2 days a week)

Your focus would be predominantly be on the 3 year old twins for three days a week. The two older boys (5 and 7) are both in primary school which is walking distance to our house. There is a lot of variety in the role given all the different activity schedules and the role is also well suited to those who prefer some adult contact throughout parts of the day as you would be helping the mother coordinate care for the kids. There are also lots of outings to the local shopping area, library, pool, beach etc.

Help is required in the mornings for breakfast and getting kids ready for school and care for the twins until the mother returns mid-day from a part-time job. Then some assistance after school with evenings and weekends mostly free.

For days off we are a 5 minute walk to a major bus interchange that can connect you to all over Sydney (including the beaches). We also have access to a local ferry that allows you to cruise past the Opera House only 5km away, so close to everything Sydney has to offer. There are also a number of gyms and a large public indoor/outdoor pool within walking distance.

Plenty of space and privacy. We live in a four bedroom, 2.5 bath, two level house with a patio and yard in the back. Your accommodation would be a renovated and recently painted bedroom with hardwood floors, plantation shutters, ample closet space, desk, queen bed, air conditioning and WiFi. Bathroom is shared with the kids but the shower is entirely yours.

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