Fabián and Renata
1st Parent: Fabián (male)
2nd Parent: Renata (female)

Location: Tarragona, Spain
Membership No: 342725

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Fabián and Renata Aug 2013.At Santes Creus Monastery. 30km away.
Fabián and Renata Summer 2013. At one of "our" beaches.
Fabián and Renata 20th Aug. Celebrating when we met 9years ago.
Fabián and Renata Summer 2013. Waiting to fly back home from holiday
Fabián and Renata At home with neighbours having a home made paella!

Fabián and Renata, from Spain. Looking for help from 15 Sep, 2015

We are a relaxed, warm welcoming and loving Spanish family of five, living in Tarragona, who want to take in a an active, creative, playful and talkative Au Pair to become part of our family, who help us with the basic daily housework and with full of energy, patience, care and positive attitude towards kids, so they can learn English by playing and living with her. We are currently hosting an English Au Pair who is going back to the UK by mid September. Previously, we had a Chinese Au Pair for
Fabián (35) is the father and works at Reus airport. Renata (28) is Polish and is the mother of Lucía (6), Luis (3) and Luana (0). She is the most devoted woman to her family and has full-time job with all of them. We all live in a 5th floor of a sunny flat, with very good views of a very beautiful seaside city located at less than 100km southwest of Barcelona. Although it has less than 100.000 inhabitants, there is everything that a big city may have. The beach, cinema, theatre, many monuments and museums of the Ancient Romans time, shopping centres (including El Corte Inglés), hospitals, parks, sports areas and much more, and everything is whithin walking distance! The car is totally useless in the city. In addition, the weather is normally fantastic so overall it's an ideal place to bring up a family in a relaxed way. Our Au Pair would be provided with a private room, Wi-Fi and bathroom shared with the kids. And what we would expect from her is basically that she becomes another member of our family who really loves being with and talking to children and enjoys doing many activities with them, and consequently that they learn English in a natural way. We would prefer a full-time job, helping us with the daily housework. We are flexible and adaptable to the Au Pair's needs. Also in our daily life. We are willing to help our Au Pair have a confortable stay and simply make her feel one more of us, ideally linking strong long lasting loving bonds.

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