Katerina and Vladilen
1st Parent: Katerina (female)
2nd Parent: Vladilen (male)

Location: Moscow, Russia
Membership No: 341893

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Katerina and Vladilen Paris. Summer 2014
Katerina and Vladilen Our first sweet french au pair. Moscow.Summer 2014
Katerina and Vladilen Andrey's 3rd birthday at NY kindergarten
Katerina and Vladilen Andrey with his just born brother
Katerina and Vladilen Turkey this summer

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Dear au-pairs, we are traveling Russian- Latvian family from Moscow, Russia. We are looking for au-pair with native language French/English/Latvian/German or Spanish (from Spain!!!) for our 4 years old and 1 year old boys.
We are looking for experienced au-pair that enjoys being with children, energetic, young, optimistic and well manered. But most important that she/he has good relationship with our son.

We would like to find au pair that loves to travel and don't mind to stay in shared apartment with other young persons, because in Moscow our apartment is rather small. I already have room booked for au pair so will be able to show to au pair photos and contact of owner when organizing her stay with us.

Last summer we had French au pair who travelled with us to France, Latvia and Russia. We truly loved this experience and everyone of our relatives were amazed about Andrey's progress in 3 month. After 3 months he could speak sentences in French! From this experience we made conclusion that we want au pair that talks a lot and in the way that our son can understand.
This summer we also had two au pairs ( from USA and France) and we also had nice experience with them.

In January 2015 we wellcome our newborn son Alexey. So now we have two sons to au pair for. Andrey os older and he is very intelligent and well mannered, Alexey is 7 months and is is very positive, fun and calm baby ( almost never cries!)

This year 2016-2017 we will be mostly in Moscow, but in our holidays if kids will travel with us we will be happy to take au pair with us. We would preffer au pair for longer then 3 months and for stimulating our au pair we made gradual payment depending on duration of her stay ( we consider it like benefit for au pair's experience and skills that she is gaining with us)

When au pair expresses interest and we also do. We ask au pair to send us CV ( resume) or letter where she tells us about her experience, couple of photos and recommentations if she has any. Then we will send her detailed informations ( lets call it contract) and if she is interested we will then arrange skype call.

Our future au pair will be working 35-40 hours per week with possibly 1 babysitting per week( it is when kids will mostly be asleep).

This summer 2016 we plan to travel to Spain, so we maybe will meet our au pair in person if she is Spanish.

We are family that cherishes private time and we would like mature Au pair that understands it and feels when she can help and give us some resting time or time to do our things while she is busy with Andrey. This is why We would preffer Au pair who is at least 21 years old who understands that we need some time to adjust to new person ourselves and not to consider us like unfriendly family.

In the beginning I'm very much involved into helping Au pair with duties and how to behave with our son.But as soon as I feel she feels confident with child and I feel I don't need to be involved, I give her lot of freedom to do her decisions about things to do with Andrey as soon as I see great outcome and that Andrey feels happy with Au pair. So in first time it might seems that I'm overwhelming and don't trust, but if everything is okey, au pair is involved in our family invents and routine. This is why I preffer aupair for more then 3 months ( first two months are only to get along with everything and start to gain confidence with duties).

One more detail... We will need do research about Russian visa procedures for particular nationality...so we will be happy if au pair can take a part in this process and be flexible.

We will contact through Skype when we will be making our decision.

If you think you are right person, please, don't hesitate to add us to your favorites and I will come back to you with e-mail.
If I added you and you are interested, please, add me back to your favorites and I will write you back!

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