Gema and Cristóbal
1st Parent: Gema (female)
Parents' main language: Spanish
Location: Madrid, Spain
Membership No: 331587

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Gema and Cristóbal The whole family in Ibiza
Gema and Cristóbal Gema with Adriana and Alejandra
Gema and Cristóbal Adriana and Alejandra on a hippy car
Gema and Cristóbal Alejandra and Adriana
Gema and Cristóbal Alejandra and Adriana in Galicia this autumn

Gema and Cristóbal, from Spain. Looking for help from 15 Nov, 2018

English or French native or bilingual au pair needed to help a fun Spanish family with 2 girls so we can all (including you) enjoy life!

We are Gema and Cristóbal from Madrid. We have an extremely energetic and delightful girl aged 9 and an ever-smiling young girl aged 7 (bear in mind that we are their parents, so we are biased); their names are Alejandra and Adriana. This would be our sixth experience with au pairs (we will be more than happy to provide you with their contact details so you can better understand our lifestyle and our requirements).

Alejandra and Adriana currently attend the Lycée Français in Madrid and they learn English as an extracurricular activity on Saturday mornings. Therefore, they understand French and English.

We do not require much babysitting in the evening (usually nor more than 1 evening per week on average) which means that you are free to enjoy these as you wish (we normally go out only one of the weekend nights, if any). On your days off you can enjoy all that has made Madrid renowned. We currently live in a detached house in a residential area very close to the girl's school (and just 10 minutes walk from public transportation).

In our spare time, we enjoy spending quality time with our children and are always on the hunt for ideas to make each of their days memorable. We would like an au pair who will fit in with our lifestyle and enjoy her time with us, becoming part of the family.

We are looking for a talkative, outgoing and mature female English or French native or bilingual speaker to spend time with Alejandra and Adriana playing, singing, and talking with them primarily in English (you could use French or Spanish as a last resort, especially for disciplining). Fluency in French (to be able to help them with their homework) is a plus, although it is not a requirement. You must be very positive and energetic, as our girls will surely drain your batteries.

We have a live-in housekeeper so you will not have to do any house chores other than upkeeping your room (including the bathroom). In exchange for free board and lodging in a private room and pocket money (300 Euros per month), you will be tasked with:
- During weekdays, you will have to get up to help us with getting the girls ready to go to school. This will mean waking them up at 7h40, approximately, occasionally helping with setting the table for breakfast the night before, breakfast preparations and helping the girls getting themselves ready for school (washing and dressing).
- Occasionally, driving the girls to their school. It is Gema who normally drives them to school. On those occasions, you will be required to drive them yourself, so you need to have a valid driving license and, ideally, experience in driving an automatic car in a large city like Madrid.
- Picking them up from their school and driving them around to their after-school extracurricular activities (English and ballet). Occasionally, we may accompany you. Girls need to be picked up from school at 16:00.
- After school, spending time with Alejandra and Adriana playing, singing, and talking with them exclusively in English. You will also overlook their homework in coordination with whoever of us is around.
- Supervising them in getting ready to go to sleep (bathing and dinner).
- Babysitting on average for 1 night per week.
- Helping the girls to keep their room and their belongings tidy and organised.
- Keeping your room and belongings tidy and organised.

You will work 30-35 hours/week approximately on a flexible schedule. You will have the day off on Saturday afternoon and Sundays. You may have to work on some Saturday afternoons and on bank holidays (this would depend on our family plans, which you are welcome to join!).

After dropping the girls at school, you will be free to do as you please until it is time to pick up the girls from school. Normally, this free time has been used by previous au pairs to attend a language school or take lessons via Skype.

We are flexible with granting you some holidays and days off to travel (be it back home or around Spain), but you will not be able to take time off during school breaks (except Christmas, a time when everybody should be able to go back home with their loved ones!).

If you have managed to get to the end of this section without fainting, and you are up for a fun ride, let us know. We will contact you!

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