Cheng and Yafei
1st Parent: Cheng (male)
2nd Parent: Yafei (female)

Location: Changsha, China
Membership No: 312046

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Cheng and Yafei
Cheng and Yafei
Cheng and Yafei

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

We're a fun chinese couple

Personal introduction
We live in Changsha City located in the east of Hunan and lower reaches of Xiangjiang River which covers the area of 556 km2 with the population of 3.99 million . Changsha ,capital of Hunan Province and the famous historic city of China ,features historic sites of travel resources with more than twenty main tourist attractions including Yuemu Academy ,Mawangdui Tombs of Han Dynasty ,Zoumalou bamboo books of Wu Kingdom of the Three Kingdoms and Xiang Embroidery Academy ,etc. By the way, Zhangjiajie is a famous scenic area where the film AVATAR found a view. We are a happy family. There are 5 people, my husband, my elder son,1 year old twins(twins are not your business) and I . We are kind, warm and open-minded. We are educated well. Both of us can speak English. We are a medicine wholeseller. Our hobbies are music, movie, sports, travel etc.We have CNN, BBC, HBO and STARMOVIE at home. My son is 6. He is a lovely and outgoing boy. He can only speak English. Because He is taught only English. He had an American English teacher before.His vocabulary is over 1000.He is in a bilingual kindergarden.

The Au pair's job
We are looking for an outgoing, kid-loving, patient girl aupair, who could bring a new culture to our whole family, help our children in language learning and learning the outside world. Our boy is 6 years old. We don't look for a baby-sitter or nanny. We have a nanny at home. So you don't need to do any housework. We do need an oral English live-in teacher who should be kind and responsible and active. We'll supply you two-ways tickets, salary, a single room and 3 meals/day. If you can only get a travel visa, you can be our live-in teacher. If you want to work in China longer, we can help you to get a-year- working visa.

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