Amanda and Steve
1st Parent: Amanda (female)
2nd Parent: Steve (male)

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Membership No: 302141

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Amanda and Steve, from Australia. Looking for help from 20 Jan, 2017

Hello, we are looking for an aupair to start in the next month (neg). We live in Brisbane queensland Australia. We have a 9 year old daughter and 7yr old twins. we are looking for an aupair to assist with our children, but also to help with moderate house work. We have had several Aupairs over the past 5 years and found it excellent for all. Please only add us to your favourites if ur 24 years old or over and willing to consider staying for 12 months. We would also love someone who could
we are a young at heart happy family who love to travel both within Australia and over seas, our 9 year old little girl is happy and very creatve, and our 7 year old twins are at an amazing age to watch them learn and grow.

we are looking for an au pair to assist us in our everyday lives, as my husband travels for work. I am a stay at home mum, and I need help with running the house, shopping etc so probably 50 percent light house work/cooking, 50 percent child care.

we have a modern home in a lovely area close to Brisbane city, with public transport at our door. We have a strong extended family that we hope you will become part of. We currently have an Aupair from the UK, however most of the Aupairs we have had have been from the USA.

I know you will have a positive experience if you stay with us, as have our previous long term aupairs. from the UK, USA and New Zealand who are still very close to us. Our Aupair has their own room, and bathroom, Our Aupairs are a part of our family and come on holidays with us both in Australia and overseas. We have built wonderful relationships with our past Aupairs and have visited them in LA, New Zealand, Colorado and one day we will go to New York to say hi to one who has recently left us. We look forward to hearing from you, however please only add us to your favourites if you are willing to stay a full 12 months and are 24 years of age or over. Thanks for reading!

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