Agnieszka and Justyn
1st Parent: Agnieszka (female)
2nd Parent: Justyn (male)

Location: Poznan, Poland
Membership No: 288575

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Agnieszka and Justyn

Agnieszka and Justyn, from Poland. Looking for help from 1 Mar, 2018

Homeschoolig family from Poland with 3 teenage kids (two boys, one girl).

We are family of 5 with 3 dogs and other smaller creatures ;-) and big garden.

Our kids are homeschooled (we have a teacher).
We've been having au pairs for over 8 years now and it is a great experience. We want to somebody that will become a member of our family.
Obviously, with teenage kids we do not have need for nannying but since our daily transportation depends mostly on driving a car, we still need somebody to help with that on daily basis. But also we need help in small daily chores, some cooking and help kids to improve their English. They speak pretty good English so there should not be any communications issues.

They go to the swimming pool regularly, learn to play piano and have some other various activities. But also spend lots of time at home (as it usually is with homeschooling).

We live in the beautiful countryside at the riverside not far from one of Poland's biggest cities - Poznan. There is plenty of possibilities for biking, walking, running. You'd also be able to get to the city easily by car.

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