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Lilly and Dylan  from Turkey

Lilly and Dylan, from Turkey. Looking for help from 20 Sep, 2018

They say: My son is 4, he understands quite a bit if English already but also still has a lot of learning to do. He also learns English and German at school, and of course speaks fluent Turkish.
The families interests include: Swimming, travelling and going for days out.

Rena and Sel  from Turkey

Rena and Sel, from Turkey. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2018

They say: Looking for an aupair for our 5 year old boy. Living in Istanbul/Turkey
The families interests include: Travelling

Bulent and Neriman, from Turkey. Looking for help from 14 Nov, 2016

They say: Hi there! We are a family with two beautiful daughters aged 9 and 6. They both go to school together. We live in Istanbul and have a large duplex flat. So you will have a large room and plenty of space at home :-) All we ask from you is just teaching English to them. We have a working lady who is doing all the cleaning and cooking at home.
The families interests include: The kids go to school and after school they have Gymnastics. They love to play at home together. We go out together.

AYLIN HANDE and FERIDUN SUAT, from Turkey. Looking for help from 1 Jun, 2016

The families interests include: WE LIKE SWIMMING, GO TO MUSEUM ....

Nihan and Harun, from Turkey. Looking for help from 27 Mar, 2017

They say: Aupair needed to help our daughter to improve her language and have enjoyable time together during summer break. We have a cat at home. We need a person who is interested in music, can play at least one musical instrument, good in art and drawing picture.
The families interests include: We like swimming, riding horse, travelling, tracking..etc.

Tugrul and   from Turkey

Tugrul, from Turkey. Looking for help from 15 May, 2018

They say: Nanny/au pair needed by a fun family with a 2 years old boy and help us with childcare so we can all enjoy life!
The families interests include: Football, watching movies

Ayse and   from Turkey

Ayse, from Turkey. Looking for help from 17 Apr, 2018

They say: just looking for a native english speaker for an auto sufficent child
The families interests include: yoga

Emel and Mehmet, from Turkey. Looking for help from 15 Oct, 2015

They say: Family living in the city centre of Istanbul in TURKEY seek a nanny to help care for their twins. Mother is at home and father is a businessman. They live in a villa close to all the transport and shopping facilities. Cleaner employed. The nanny will have her own bedroom with private bathroom. She will also have 1,5 days off per week.
The families interests include: Swimming, shopping, travelling

Muaffak and   from Turkey

Muaffak, from Turkey. Looking for help from 1 Jun, 2018

They say: "I am looking for someone to help look after my young son during the summer holidays. We already have a full time babysitter (a 24 year old turkish girl) but need someone to assist her. I am a Doctor, on call at all times so I need an aupair who is willing to be flexible about working hours..
The families interests include: Swimming, shopping, eating out, going to the beach.

Ilkay and Dença  from Turkey

Ilkay and Dença, from Turkey. Looking for help from 9 Apr, 2018

They say: 2 DAUGTHERS 4, 6 Y/O. House is out of Istanbul in a forest area near Kilyos Beach. In mid summer, family stays on a Boat in Bodrum or Marmaris. Au pair will be a family member, at home there will be a room with private bathroom and tv, on boat there will be 1 berth of 3.
The families interests include: Baoting/Sailing, motorcycling, walks in forest, cooking in kitchen with friends..

Iuliia and Ali  from Turkey

Iuliia and Ali, from Turkey. Looking for help from 30 Dec, 2017

They say: family. Our girls are citizens of USA and that's why we need native English speaker who can take care only of older child few hour a day: to bring and pick up baby from garden and dancing lesson and only to tell her a fairy tail before day and night sleeping. And all other time to have fun and travel with us.
The families interests include: All activities, tiyatroes, parks, beaches and our family likes to go for vacation all the time to different countries

Emek and Kemal, from Turkey. Looking for help from 1 Jan, 2018

They say: Hi,we are a agency in turkey and we are always looking for an au pair or nanny for turkey or other countries. The name of agency is call mary poppins turkey.Please add us if you are looking family in turkey. We will be pleased to help you to find best family's.
The families interests include: We are a lovely small family.If you wish to be a part of us please get in touch with as.

Chiara and Abdurrahman, from Turkey. Looking for help from 1 Dec, 2017

They say: Hello! We are living in Bursa , Turkey 4 th biggest city and we already had so many au pairs before. We have a 5 old daughter, Greta, that we are trying to raise speaking 3 languages with a native accent( English Turkish and Italian),. We also have a son and he is 3 years old. We need someone asap but we are willing to wait for the right candidate. We are friendly and easy going.
The families interests include: travelling reading cooking eating running swimming meet friends

Seda  and Kerem  from Turkey

Seda and Kerem, from Turkey. Looking for help from 15 Jun, 2018

They say: We are a family of 3. My husband,me and our daughter. We have already a nanny for 3 days a week ( Turkish) but we would like to have someone in house who would speak english all the time so that our daughter can improve her english.
The families interests include: swimming,spending time together, puzzle, cooking

Selen and Recep  from Turkey

Selen and Recep, from Turkey. Looking for help from 20 Aug, 2017

They say: e
The families interests include: u

Melahat and   from Turkey

Melahat, from Turkey. Looking for help from 8 Aug, 2017

They say: my son 1 years old. english is important for me.
The families interests include: travelling. play with kids.

Levent and Asli  from Turkey

Levent and Asli, from Turkey. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2017

They say: Au pair needed for a nice family with 2 children in Ankara/Turkey. We want someone who likes to play with the kids and teach English. The main focus is to have a fun, energic person who becomes friends with the kids and communicate with them in English at all times. No housework, cleaning etc...
The families interests include: We like watching movies, shopping, travelling, playing games.

Ömer and Burcu, from Turkey. Looking for help from 1 Jun, 2017

They say: We're a Turkish couple (diplomat & academic); looking for an english-speaking aupair to socialise with daughter Duru, who is 4.
The families interests include: travelling, cinema, outdoor activities.

Ahmet and Elif  from Turkey

Ahmet and Elif, from Turkey. Looking for help from 14 Jul, 2017

They say: Au Pair needed for summer
The families interests include: swimming,football,tennis etc

Ceylan and   from Turkey

Ceylan, from Turkey. Looking for help from 1 Jun, 2017

They say: We need reliable, responsible and full of kindness aupair.
The families interests include: Cooking, going to holiday with the whole family, going to amusement parks and shopping centers.

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