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Jean Philippe and   from Spain

Jean Philippe, from Spain. Looking for help from 12 Mar, 2018

They say: we need experienced girl
The families interests include: relaxing

MARIA and   from Spain

MARIA, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Jun, 2018

The families interests include: FOOTBALL, SPORTS, PLAY

Jemma and   from Spain

Jemma, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Mar, 2018

They say: Hi I am a single mom of one, a boy who is 8. I have brought him up well mannered and I would expect the au pair to be a team with me in this upbringing. The main Times will be from 4-9:30 in the evening and the rest of the day free unless I have a meeting or extra class here or there. The au pair would be expected to tidy up after themself and set a good role model behaviour for my child. I am vegetarian and have a no sugar diet in the house but you are free to buy and eat whatever you like outside our menu. There may also be opportunities for teaching in the morning at a local nursery or school for extra cash if you like.
The families interests include: We are a family of two but we like to go swimming, to the park and sometimes on excursions. My son plays basketball twice a week but other than that we don't do much else other than watch a good movie.

Ana María  and Jorge   from Spain

Ana María and Jorge , from Spain. Looking for help from 7 Mar, 2018

They say: Nanny or au pair needed in Spain by a nice family with a lovely child called Abril. I am sure it would be a great experience!!!
The families interests include: We like travelling to Madrid,Zaragoza.....go for a walk, go to the country side,beach.....Abril loves dancing,playing,singing,watching Disney movies...

Karlimg and Ruben  from Spain

Karlimg and Ruben, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2018

They say: .
The families interests include: swimming, football, skate, movies, park

Susana and Francisco  from Spain

Susana and Francisco, from Spain. Looking for help from 10 Jun, 2018

They say: Hi, my name is Susana Palma , we are a family with two kids Paco 10 years and Marta 9 years. We want to find an Au Pair that comes for this summer from june. Its not necessary that she does any house work. She will have her own bedroom and bathroom. We have swimming pool and a Golden retriever who always stay outside home. My kids talk spanish, english, french and they are starting learning German. My husband and me talk Spanish and English. Her working time will consist in play , talk , teach and read with the kids in her language during her stay in our house. We don't need her to understand spanish because at home we speak in english with the kids. Kind Regards
The families interests include: Swimming , riding a bike, family gathering during weekends, and travelling to the shore ( we have an apartment at the south of spain in front of the beach where we go every summer)

Samantha and Lamine  from Spain

Samantha and Lamine, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Feb, 2018

They say: Hi! We are a family of three looking for an au pair. I am American and my husband is Spanish. We live in Spain with our new baby Noah! We are looking for an au pair for a least two months and up to a year. We live in Barcelona, a 15 minute metro ride to the center. We love to travel, go to the beach, go out for dinners, and meet new people. I work from home, but am looking for an aupair who can help me with Noah Monday to Thursday and then can enjoy Friday to Sunday off to lounge around or travel as they like.
The families interests include: We live in the city of Barcelona. We like to go to the beach and generally enjoy city life. There are a lot of great events to enjoy in the city.

Emma and Ion  from Spain

Emma and Ion, from Spain. Looking for help from 28 Jan, 2018

They say: Nanny needed by a young family with 2 kids: 5 and 2,5. Boy and girl. To help us with houseworks a bit during the morning and childcare afternoons till we come home from work. We live in a beautiful international sunny Beach Village called "Sitges" which is 25 far away from Barcelona and we look for someone close and warm that enjoy to have fun with kids!
The families interests include: Enjoy the nature: beach, excursions. Cultural activities: museums, concerts, theather... Travel arround the world. We lived in different countries and we speak many languages (french, english, german, portuguese...)

Bo and Rosa, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Oct, 2013

They say: WE are a couple in our late fourties, (he swedish and she spanish) with a fantastic son of soon 3 years. We have also a dog, a very kind Labrador, so its important that the nanny is not allergic to animals and love both children and dogs. We live in a house a few hundred meters from the Mediterranean sea with beaches, mountains and beautiful surroundings close by. Need someone that can take really good care of our son some hours during day time and assist with household work.
The families interests include: We travel between work

Patricia and Luis  from Spain

Patricia and Luis, from Spain. Looking for help from 6 Jan, 2018

They say: Somos una familia pequeña, yo soy Patri y mi marido Salvador con un bebe lindo! Somos sencillos y prácticos. Nos gustaría que nuestros hijos se acostumbren a hablar en portugues, que es mi lengua materna, y si se puede mas que fuera del sur de Brasil que nos encanta aunque de otras regiones seria un intercambio muy interesante.
The families interests include: Pasear

Silvia, from Spain. Looking for help from 2 Feb, 2018

They say: Hello!!! I hope you like our family and you can have a good time with us. It will be a new experience for everyone. We are looking for a Au pair to speak Spanish and basic English .
The families interests include: Swimming,walking,

Miguel Ángel  and Angels   from Spain

Miguel Ángel and Angels , from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Jun, 2018

They say: We're teachers and we need a au pair for two months. We're very funky and we'l enjoy a lot!!
The families interests include: We like Gastronomy, swimming pool, beach, go to t'he Theatre, music, shopping...

Leanne and Rodney, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Dec, 2017

They say: We are looking for someone to not only look after our darling daughter but to also become part or the family! Check our pictures for a way to get in touch as i have an introduction letter i can send you xxxx
The families interests include: We seem to spend too much time working, which is why we are looking for an aupair to give our daughter some fun times when we are unable to

ROCIO and LUS, from Spain. Looking for help from 4 Sep, 2017

They say: I need an au pair for 2 kids, to pick up them to the school,and play with them. 3 hours per day!
The families interests include: Swimming,Rugby, opendoor sports...

Beatriz and Miguel Ángel   from Spain

Beatriz and Miguel Ángel , from Spain. Looking for help from 15 Sep, 2017

They say: Do you know Madrid, it's a beautiful, amazing, warm and full of life city....i'd like you to decide to come and visit us :-) We love multiple intelligences and early stimulation at home...our children love music, theater, robots....me too. I love learn, share and create new and interesting things... i love tecnology and learning...we always work in new a diffetent projects... It would be great we could talk...we are looking for a nanny for our 2 sons, 3 and 5 years. Preferible a live out
The families interests include: Going to the parks, walking around the city,going to mountain and villages around, sometimes the beach...

Noemi and Alberto, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Mar, 2017

They say: We are a catholic family with 3 children and we are looking for a catholic au pair. During the summer we go to a camp and we would like her to come with us.
The families interests include: As we are catholic we practice the religion. So, if you are a catholic au pair this is your family to live with.

Cristina and Victor  from Spain

Cristina and Victor, from Spain. Looking for help from 11 Sep, 2017

They say: We are a Spanish family living in puerto de Santa Maria ( Andalucía, Cádiz ). We have two daughters and two dogs. We live in a nice house with private swimming po and. Wry close to the beach in a residential area . We like you to interchange your culture and traditions with us and to learn English . You can go during the moorings to a Spanish school for foreigners and taking Spanish lesson. We have a person in charge of housekeeping so you only do your room and your bathroom. Best regards
The families interests include: Paddle, go to the beach, cycling, horses , walk with the dogs

Lola and Manuel   from Spain

Lola and Manuel , from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2017

They say: Hi,we are a family of 4 who needs your help to exchange languages, cultures and have more free time for all its members.
The families interests include: We go skating on ice weekly. My older daughter likes horse riding. We all love hanging out with friends, reading and going to amusement parks, to the zoo, etcetera...

Inma and Alberto  from Spain

Inma and Alberto, from Spain. Looking for help from 7 May, 2016

They say: Wehave two childrens called Lorena (11 years) and Victor (9 years) and we would like to found an au-pair to spend with us 3 months, from May to end of July. We have had many au pairs living with us before and think that is a great experience for the au pair and for my kids.We need the au pair to spend time with the kids from 10:00am to 16:00pm as we both work and she will have the rest of the evenning free and also all Satudary and Sunday morning free.
The families interests include: We like to travel abroad and to do a lot of family activities during the weekend like visiting a museum or a new town, going to the cinema and restaurants, swimming, reading,...

Kamal and   from Spain

Kamal, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Dec, 2016

They say: Hi thare, we are a family of four, me Kamal Hosni my wife teresa and our two sons living near malaga Spain, my wife had to travel for work in another province and she could only take our smaller son with she and I have to stay here for some time with the elder one (12 years), knowing that in occasions I can stay out for work in some days I need a person I can depend on that can fill in the space like a responsible member of our family, not much to do but to be there and enjoy the life.
The families interests include: Mainly beach activities we are living in a beach town, cycling, outdoor trips in the mountains, sports like tennis basketball or football, cinema sometimes and barbecues with friends when possible.

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