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Marta and Francisco de Borja, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2019

They say: Nanny/au pair needed by a family with 2 children, to help us with childcare after the school
The families interests include: Being with friends and family, going out to the park, sports (running, football),

Sanne and Mikel , from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2019

They say: We are looking for another ‘family Member' to join is for The coming 18-24 months. Our boys are fun loving free spirits with a couple of hard working humorous parrents.
The families interests include: We like to be outside, the beach, pool, playground etc. we have amazing nature and weather here in south of Spain.

Nedean, from Spain. Looking for help from 30 Aug, 2019

They say: Fun friendly down to earth family. Seeks au-pair for our beautiful bubbly 18month daughter. We will be based in Spain from September 2019 until June 2020, we could do with assistance during this time. We will treat u with honesty, respect and you will definitely feel like part of our family. In addition we can exchange culture experiences and learn from Spain and the surroundings.
The families interests include: Family time, Read, swim, listen to music, sing, dance, joke around, cycle, walk explore new & famous places and try new cuisine. Cook, Pray, Visit museums, markets, shops, shopping malls, Learn new languages and cultures.

Irene and Javier, from Spain. Looking for help from 31 Aug, 2019

They say: Dear nanny! we're two little children with 3 and 6 years old and a couple, we're living in Majorca. We'd like to being part of our family! Cheers!!
The families interests include: Going to the beach, swimming pool, sports, going for a walk...

Bárbara, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2019

They say: Au pair needed by a girl family to help taking kids to school and staying when mom works. Searching for an au pair with lots of love to huge and kiss these two little girls
The families interests include: Playing princess, make up, learning and travelling.

Emilio and Claudia, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2017

They say: Hi, we are not just looking for a person to take care of our sons but also be a member of the family.
The families interests include: We like to do the normal things people of our age do. Practice sports, shopping or going to cinema and our sons likes playing in the park, swimming, some cartoons, cars and dinosaurs.

Ricard, from Spain. Looking for help from 15 Oct, 2019

They say: We are a single father family with 3 teenagers, 2 boys and 1 girl, and a dog. We focus on language and culture exchange. We live in a beautiful place with nice people, near Barcelona.
The families interests include: One boy plays the piano, the other volleyball. There is a piano, a swimming pool, a basketball "court" and a home cinema setting that we like to share. We like cycling and hiking our beautiful valley.

Joanne and Franck, from Spain. Looking for help from 13 Jul, 2019

They say: Hello, we (French/Malaysian couple) are looking for a french au pair to look after our 4 year old daugther this summer. Come and enjoy Barcelona with us this summer!
The families interests include: Dear Au Pair, Would you like to experience Barcelona this summer? Summertime here is packed with activities and you would be able to experience them during your stay with us. There are beaches, parks, 'festival de barrios', all easily accessible by metro and bus. You will find many groups online that meetup to go for activities like beach volley, or flamenco shows. Our neighbourhood is 25 mins from the town center by metro or bus. There are many grocery stores, cafes and parks nearby.

Massimo, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Aug, 2019

They say:
The families interests include: Swimming beach

Maria, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2019

They say: We are a loving family, we like to play and we would like our kids to learn English. Therefore a requirement is that the Au Pair is fluent in English. Further we have a big house, the Au Pair would have her proper room with bathroom and would not have to clean or cook, as we have other people employed in order to do that.
The families interests include: nadar, viajar, ir sl cine, hacer deporte

Veronica and Raul, from Spain. Looking for help from 2 Jul, 2019

They say: Hi, We are an Spanish family with two fantastic and funy little girls. We had an au pair for the last three summers and now we are looking for somebody for live this summer with us. We live in a little city near to Castellón, but in summer it's hot, so we live in a countryhouse close to the city. We like do activities togheter, go to the beach, trips, ... do you want to be part of our family this summer?
The families interests include: we like go to the beach, go to trip, be with friends, visit new places, cooking, and girls love painting, storytelling, dress up, play doh.

Amanda and Amanda, from Spain. Looking for help from 14 Jul, 2019

They say: We are looking for an au pair to help with our busy family to mainly look after and have fun with our twin girls, we also need someone to help around the house and take the twins to the beach .
The families interests include: Playing at the beach, walks, animals & sometimes seeing exhibitions or music events

Mikael, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Jun, 2018

They say: -Domestic help - No old people -Normal family life, including traveling
The families interests include: Sailinng,travelling,movies,normal life

Manolo and Amelia, from Spain. Looking for help from 10 Sep, 2019

They say: Dear au pair, We are a lovely family with 2 kids, Paula and Rocío. They are 5 and 7 years old. We want them to learn English in an easy way, playing and having fun. We live in a town close to Salamanca, Spain, in a big house with garden, so you will have your own room. The town is well conected with Salamanca. You can find us on FB under the name amelia escribano villanueva
The families interests include: We like travelling, going to the mountains...

Yolanda and Jordi , from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2019

They say: Au pair needed by a reliable family with 2 children, to help us with childcare. We're looking for a trustworthy au pair, who will love our children and who want to live a great experience with our family. If you're an open-minded person willing to know our culture and you fulfill these caractheristics you can be our au pair!!!
The families interests include: Our family love the nature, the sports, the mountain, the beach, the animals.We are a family who lead a healthy lifestyle. We love running and walking, we're an active family who love travel, we always expend the weekends abroad.

Nicole and Lorena , from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2020

They say: Trustworthy Au pair needed by a family with 2 kids for this summer (July & August). Most of the time in summer apartment (La Manga-Murcia) next to the beach with swimming pool. Also one week or two in a small town in the center of Spain. The kids have a good English level, dad is bilingual but mum talks only Spanish so a good language learning exchange environment can be attained. We are willing to share a good experience with you and show you also about Spanish culture. It'll be great fun!
The families interests include: Bike riding, country excursions, playing on the beach. We lead a very healthy and simple life. We like healthy food and exercise

Ivón and Francisco, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2019

They say: Hi! We are looking for an au pair. We are a very friendly family, living in one of the most beautifull villages of Spain, close to the sea and mountains wich is 100kms from Barcelona, very peaceful, sunny and surrounded by the sea. We are a family with two kids and a dog and we are looking for a non smoker au pair, interested in nature, sports and culture. Hoping to hear from.you! :)
The families interests include: Nature, sports, arts and music, yoga, skying, diving

Maria Isabel and Jorge, from Spain. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2019

They say: Dear Au pair, We had a great experience with an aupair last year and we would like to repeat it. He has been with us nearly 11 months but is leaving to further his university studies. We would like you to start on the first week of september. We are a family of 4, a 6 year old girl called Emma , a 2 year old boy called Martin and 2 loving cats (Salchichon and Blanquita). Our family is very social, open minded and flexible. Our Kids are very happy, friendly and easy going. I am the mother I am called Maisie (I am half Scottish and half Spanish) My Husband is Called Jorge (Spanish) The children are learning English and they understand it but are not bilingual. We love to keep busy, we love nice food, we like simple things and we are energetic and very positive. We love travelling and different cultures. We would like to find someone that wants to share their experiences with all of us.
The families interests include: We keep busy, we fish, climbing, travel and entertain

Arostegui, from Spain. Looking for help from 21 Jun, 2019

They say: Hello this is Cristina Arostegi. My family are my husband Kepa, my sons inazio (7) and Jon (11). We live in a small town called gorliz in the north of Spain close to the beach and it takes 20 minutes by car to Bilbao.
The families interests include: Swimming anf football

DIANA and JAVIER, from Spain. Looking for help from 8 Jul, 2019

They say: Buenos días, Estamos buscando una chica que venga a pasar con nosotros 1 mes y así cuidar de mis 2 hijos una niña de 5 años llamada Carmen y un chico de 3 llamado Gael. Son unos niños estupendos. Mi marido y yo vivimos en una gran casa en Cintruénigo (Navarra) y buscamos a una chica dinámica, que le gusten los niños y sepa adaptarse en un pueblo pequeñito pero con mucho encanto. Tendrían su propia habitación y baño y viviría con nosotros. MI marido y yo tenemos 38 años y trabajamos fuera.
The families interests include: We love doing barbecue with the family the weekends. we love going to the beach. The nearest one is San SEbastian 200km from where we live. We enjoy travelling. Now in Summer, we spent most of the time out wiht out children and try to do different things the weekends like : amusement parks (SENDA VIVA) or swimming or going to the park.....

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